Out in the middle of the Australian Outback in a horrendous rainstorm Jessica a synthetic being wedged knee high in asphyxiating quicksand. It is not every day a synthetic being finds themselves knee high in quicksand. It is mere seconds before Jessica was completely submerged in the volcanic quicksand. Seconds before going under the quicksand due to the immense pressure on her titanium chest plate covered by synthetic skin, a massive hand grabbed ahold of her blouse and brought her to safety whilst trying to give her cardiopulmonary resuscitation, since she fainted whist being trapped in the quicksand.

Moments later after recovering from losing consciousness, Jessica awakens to a handsome gentleman and his golden retriever who never left her side after resuscitating her back to consciousness. Mesmerized by the man’s beauty, she then began to poke at him with her mechanical fingers. After minutes regaining her consciousness, Jessica began venturing around the dry section of the cave where she was laying. Minutes later the man’s golden retriever named Max took a fair bit of interest in her; walking around her with his tail wagging and then nudging her to kindly pet him gently on his golden head. 

The End

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