Making amends

Chapter Seven

The sunlight stretched from the window across the room and spread its warm touch over Brooke’s waking body. She sat up and yawned the night away as she placed her feet on the cold wooden floorboard. She unzipped her suitcase and took out new clothes for the day, taking care to wear something light of color. She checked herself twice in the mirror, looking at her thin and pale complexion. Finally she opened the door and stepped out into the dusty hallway, the floorboard beneath her feet creaked. She blushed at the thought of meeting Alex today, happiness overwhelmed her and a secret burned inside her. Just then, a gray thought crossed her mind as she remembered her altercation with her father last night.

The smell of burning bread filled her nostrils and then her ears picked up a silent curse coming from the kitchen. She walked warily inside the small kitchen and had to suppress a smile forming on her lips. Arthur had just deposit a flaming frying pan into the sink and opened up the faucet to overpower the burning flames.

“Good morning,” Brooke greeted merrily. “What’s going on?”

“Hey darling,” Arthur gave her a nod. “Oh, it’s nothing, the toaster didn’t work so I tried burning some bread in the pan. You must’ve guessed what happened to it, right?” He winked and crossed to the fridge, “guess we’ll have to eat outside if you don’t mind…”

“Not at all,” Brooke replied, her voice was a pleasant pitch as to make the appropriate amends from last night.

“Hey,” he lingered on his words, “about last night, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the motives for the trip. I mean, I planned to tell you but it slipped from my mind when the memories of my childhood rushed back to me. I just wanted you to have a good summer, with me…”

She gave him a sympathetic smile and walked up to him. He had the distinctive odor of dust and air common after a bad night sleep on the couch of the living room, her hand pressed lightly against his arm.

“It’s okay,” Brooke said making her voice sound forgiving, “I understand, thanks for the effort. I apologize for storming out and making you looked bad in front of Mike.” She gave him a sheepish smile, her entire life she wanted to know what the feeling of embarrassing one’s parent in front of their friends was like. She felt a sense of accomplishment inside her.

He wrapped his arm around Brooke’s shoulder and gave her a squeeze. The sunlight being reflected and refracted on the moving water created an illusion of dancing lights against their window. The soft and delightful sea breeze blew particles of sand away, so that later on it fell into another spot. Nature was a splendorous vista, its cycles was what enthralled both father and daughter the most.

“Now, what’s the whole deal about selling this house about?” she asked, pulling away.

“I’ll tell you if you promise not to storm out again,” he joked, nudging her and taking his car keys. Brooke rolled her eyes and followed him outside. “I’ll tell you on our way to the diner.”

“It better be good or else I’m going back home alone with or without your consent or notice,” she teased, getting inside the car and closing the car door.

Arthur was surprised by her comment and didn’t have a comment to counter-attack hers. A smile settled on his lips as he turned the key in the ignition making the car roar to life. “Deal,” was the only thing he said before pulling out of the driveway.  

The End

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