Chapter Six

Melodious laughter was carried by the wind to travel the world and become chimes to somebody ears. Brooke and Alex had been talking and laughing for about half an hour. Brooke had witness the moon slow ascent to the sky, sailing through the motion of the clouds, parting them in mist.

“The sky is so beautiful here,” she whispered, hugging her legs close to her shivering body. “I think I will never be bored by such spectacle…”

“Well, after watching the same moon night after night, people tend to get bored,” Alex offered her a goofy smile, hiding half a lie. He leaned closer to Brooke and nudged her on the shoulder, “I reckon you should go home now.”

            Brooke remained silent to his suggestion. “I am not ready yet,” she replied.

            “Can’t be that bad,” Alex said. He had listened to what Brooke had to say about her dysfunctional family and her father being a workaholic. She had also confided in him that her mother died almost a decade ago, leaving an inexperienced father with his daughter alone in this world.

“It’s not bad,” Brooke said, “what bugs me is the frequency he does that.” She buried her toes deep in the sand, her skin searching for warmer territory to explore.

“You can talk to him,” he suggested.

Brooke lifted her gaze and look at him, she noticed for the first time the moonlight framing his body and face in an almost heavenly light. “Talking has got me nowhere,” I replied, “I don’t intend to sound negative or pessimistic but that’s just the way it is.”

“Tell you what, if you survive tonight, I will take you to the most beautiful spot in this beach. Deal?” he stuck out his pinky finger. “But you have to go home now.”

Brooke smiled and reluctantly wrapped her pinky around his finger, “Deal, but only because I’m curious, tired, and cold.”

Alex walked her home and stood in the distance as he saw her climbed up the steps to her back porch. She waved once before disappearing inside the house.

Brooke walked softly through the halls and watched her father in a deep slumber; she walked to him and tucked him in a quilt, hopefully a sign of her being back. Mike was long gone, leaving two empty cans of beer behind. Brooke crept up the stairs and into her room. She didn’t need to turn on the lights, the moonlight illuminated her path toward the bed. She lay on the bed and covered herself with quilts while the moon covered her with light.

The End

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