Chapter 2


It took forever, but Tanya and Toni finally found the Dining Room. Everyone in the room turned to look at then as they burst through the door. Toni sensed Tanya shrink back, as if she were trying to become invisible.

"Come on." Toni said grabbing her hand. She led her cousin to two empty seats. Just as Toni was about to sit down, Lady Jasmine stood up and walked over.

"Explain yourselves." She said in a stern voice. Toni remained silent and took her seat. "Well?" Jasmine turned to Tanya when Toni didn't answer. Tanya mumbled something unintelligible. "Speak up girl!" Jasmine yelled at her which caused those who had lost interest in the two tardy girls to be interested again. Toni stood up in front of Tanya and looked Lady Jasmine straight in the eye.

"We got lost alright! Just leave her alone!" Toni said rather loudly. There was a shocked silence.

"Get out of here and go to your bedroom." Lady Jasmine said calmly. "No dinner for a week." Toni stood there fuming. "OUT!" Jasmine yelled angrily. With a huff, Toni decided it would be better to leave. For Tanya's sake.


Toni slamed the door as she entered her room. Of all the boarding schools in the country why did her aunt have to pick this one? How in the world was she going to survive here! Toni would be shocked if she wasn't expelled by the end of the week.

I could always just run away. She thought as she paced the room, her fists clenched tight. But I can't leave without Tanya and I highly dought she'd want to leave. She still thinks Carrie will come back for her. Toni sighed and sat down on the edge of her bed. I'll stay for Tanya. She needs me.

The End

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