Chapter One

5 Days Later

Toni stood with her suitcase in front of her as she stared at the massive building that towered over her. With everything she'd down and been through she'd never expected to be shipped to a boarding school. Especially not this one.

The school its self was big but if you added the campus to that then you had huge! Trees surrounded the place as far as the eye could see. They even blocked the view of the gate that led toward the courtyard which was probably just as big as the school! The only thing you could see behind the trees was the massive ruby red building. 

This place must of been expensive. Toni thought as she examined was she could see. Carrie must really want to get rid of us.

"It'll be good for you." her Aunt Carrie had told her with that too sweet voice and forced smile. Toni had known for a while that Carrie didn't like her but that was something Toni had expected. The part that truly shocked her was the fact that Carrie had also enlisted her very own daughter! Plain, shy, jumpy Tanya had also been sent halfway across the country along with her rebellous, quiet cousin.

Toni waited for Tanya to get her things out of the car before heading toward the gate. Toni wasn't scared of this place. More than anything, she was worried about Tanya whom Toni knew was scared beyond belief. Tanya had never even been away from home for longer than a day.

As they stopped in front of the gate, Toni reached over with her free hand and gently grabbed Tanya's hand. Tanya gave her a grateful glance before they entered the grounds of Lady Jasmine's School for Special Children.

The courtyard was indeed bigger than the school building. The grass had been mowed recently, there were pathways leading every which way and right smack dab in the middle of all the hedges and flowers was a massive marble fountain. It was a beautiful sight and Toni could feel her jaw drop slightly.

It seemed to take forever but they managed to make it to the huge double doors that were a strange sort of burnt red color. The two girls stared up at it before glancing at each other. Toni gave Tanya's hand a little squeeze before they entered the building.

Toni wasn't one who liked to show her true feelings for anything but as they breathed in the sight of the foyer, she couldn't help but let out a small gasp. The room was huge! It had a tall dome ceiling with a gigantic crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of it. The walls had beautiful floral designs that seemed to come alive with all the detail they had. A few kids their age where sitting around the room all by themselves. No one seemed to be talking with each other at all.

"I don't think this is going to be like high school at all." Toni muttered to herself. She glanced her right and found herself eye to eye with a muscular brown hair boy with absolutely no shirt on. Once they'd made eye contact he turned away. There was a large white scar on his left cheek. What kind of school is this? she thought as an older lady approached them. She wore a blue blouse with a black shirt and high heels. Her face was strict and her pointed nose was a bit too small for her face. Though she looked a bit familiar.

"Good morning girls." She said with a smile Toni knew so well. It was the smile Carrie always used when ever Toni entered the room. That forced smile that clearly made her look like a child just brought a mud pie in the room. "My name is Lady Jasmine. I am the headmistress here."

"You are?" Toni said in a sarcastic tone "I couldn't tell. Even though I guess it makes sense. I mean this school is named after you. Isn't it?" she gave Lady Jasmine a blank expression. That's when Lady Jasmine slapped her right across the cheek. The blow was so hard it caused Toni to fall on her butt.

"Sarcasm is not welcome here. When you speak to me I expect respect. When you wish to address me you will call me either Madam or Lady Jasmine." she said as Tanya helped Toni up. "Do you understand?" Jasmine asked with a pointed look. There was a long pause. " Perhaps you didn't hear me. I asked you a question."

"I'm sorry I seemed to have forgotten what it was. Could you repeat it?" Toni asked sweetly. She could feel the eyes of everyone in the room starting at her. Lady Jasmine was about to say something but was interrupted by a young man who came up and whispered something in her ear. She turned back to Toni.

 She snapped her fingers."Jeremy see to it that these girls find their room safely." She walked closer to Toni. "I'll deal with you later."

The End

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