Chapter 8.2Mature

I handed him the book and interest sparked in his eyes. He read the blurb and handed it back, something like a smile on his face.

“I didn't think you were the fantasy sort,” he said.

“Have you read it?” I asked. Most said I didn't come across as a avid fantasy reader so I couldn't really take offence.

“Nope,” he replied. I frowned and then handed him the book again.

“Don't lose it,” I said. He raised an eyebrow but placed it on the bed next to him. I lifted the laptop again and erased what I'd written before. I still felt awkward since Rhys was behind me but I found writing it was easy. I'd written about five hundred words when I glanced over my shoulder. Rhys was reading the book. I figured he'd be a quiet, emotionless reader but his expression changed with the story. He snickered at the funnier parts, the usually annoying sound adorable in the new context. I shook away the thought and concentrated back on the essay.

I stretched when I finally finished it, much longer than the asked for length but it felt wrong to delete any of it. I saved the file and glanced at the clock. Two in the morning, good thing this meet-up didn't start until six this evening. I sent the file to the printer and grabbed my washing stuff and PJ's. I glanced at Rhys but he was still reading, one-fourth through the book already. I left him to it and got myself sorted, yawning every five seconds. My sleeping patterns were way off. I remembered Luca saying it was the bond. But I really couldn't wake up at midday when lessons started. Especially when some of the lectures were as early as eight. I considered knocking on Poppy's door, it'd make better sense to just leave Rhys be. But I didn't like the idea of leaving him alone in my room. I walked in to find he'd returned to his spot on the floor.

“Why did you pick Cambridge university?” I blurted. Maybe I could find out if the necklace was his this way instead. He looked up from the book, if the question surprised him he didn't show it.

“Parents made me,” he said. I blinked at him, my mouth already opening.

“Yes I have parents,” he cut in before I spoke. I snapped my mouth shut and felt embarrassed that I'd almost asked such a stupid question. I wondered what he was like before, when he was just another student.

“Do they know?” I asked, I knew it was another stupid question. But he rarely seemed willing to talk about himself.

“Of course not, vampires are mean to stay hidden. They think I dropped out and decided to stay here,” he shrugged.

“Don't they notice any difference when they see you?” I asked.

“They don't see me. I dropped out, as far as they're concerned I'm too much of a fuck up. My mum occasionally calls but that's about it,” Rhys said. Again a casual shrug. No wonder he was so bitter most of the time. I crawled into bed and lay there, unsure what to say.

“Goodnight,” I murmured. I heard him say it back quietly and somehow managed to fall asleep. When I woke up the clock told me it was ten and Rhys was gone. The book was on my bedside table, had he spent the whole night reading it? I picked it up and placed on the shelf above my desk. I decided to finish unpacking the other books I'd brought with me. All of them were fantasy, magic and swords. I remember wishing I had a magic power when I was younger. I shook my head, the reality wasn't as nice as I'd childishly hoped. I'd finished showering and dressing and was just grabbing my phone and purse when Poppy barged into my room.

“Oh good, you're still alive. I was getting kind of worried when I didn't see you in the food hall,” Poppy said, collapsing on the bed. Behind her Jeremy was stood uncomfortably in the hallway.

“I'd suggest coming in before someone sees you in the girls dorms,” I said. He walked in and shut the door behind him, giving the room a cursory glance.

“Poppy dragged me here,” he murmured, looking embarrassed, though why I didn't know.

“Well if Rhys was all evil vamp I wouldn't be able to handle him,” Poppy defended, crossing her arms.

“It's also daylight, so he would've taken off hours ago,” Jeremy countered. Poppy huffed and turned her attention to me.

The End

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