Chapter 7.3Mature

The air was a lot colder outside and my breath made small clouds in the air. We'd been waiting at the gate for around five minutes when I gasped. A sharp pain radiated from my lower leg and my hands went to it, my body kneeling.

“Michelle?” Jeremy asked, concern clear. He bent down to look at my leg but there was no wound or blood. I couldn't understand what was going on, just that the pain had dialled down to a dull throb.

“Looks like Rhys is in trouble,” Luca said from the gate. Jeremy and I looked up at the same time, confusion evident in Jeremy's face.

“Should we find him?” I asked. Luca opened his mouth to reply then looked up the street. He stepped onto the grounds near us.

“Looks like you're pet vamp is heading here right now,” Luca said. I glared at him for the term and pulled myself back up, using the wall to keep me upright. The pain in my leg was mostly gone, I hoped Rhys didn't plan on getting hurt any other way. The once was enough for me. Rhys raced to the main gate and stopped.

“Invite me in,” Rhys said, his voice rushed. I'd never seen him look worried before. He kept shooting glances over his shoulders.

“Why so eager?” Jeremy asked. Apparently he was ignorant and unable to piece things together. I could see the dried blood clinging to Rhys leg.

“Come inside already!” I yelled, reaching forward and dragging Rhys into the college. I jumped back and swore. One hell of static shock hit when I'd touched him. I could tell by the way he'd backed away that he had felt it as well. I shook my hand a few times before sighing. Luca looked like he had an explanation for that as well. The only plus was my leg didn't hurt anymore. Rhys looked backed again, but whoever had been chasing and hurting him were gone. We walked to the library and I tried not to keep glancing at Rhys or Jeremy. The tension was almost visible in the air like angry waves.

“Damn, that must've hurt,” Poppy said when we walked into the library. Jeremy noticed the leg now and I saw something click.

“Luca. Tell us what is going on. Now.” Luca found Jeremy's impatience and growing concern amusing and shook his head.

“Okay, Jeremy. Let's test how much you really know. Have you heard of Imprinter's?” Luca asked. Jeremy stared at him dubiously.

“There hasn't been one in a long time,” Jeremy said.

“Correct. But Michelle seems to be one all the same. And she's bounded with Rhys,” Luca explained. Jeremy looked from me to Rhys. I shifted uncomfortably under the stare while Rhys just shrugged and looked anywhere but at me.

“I'm lost,” Poppy said, waving a hand to remind people she was in the room.

“An Imprinter is a type of gifted human who can create bonds with non-humans. It opens up a two-way street of sorts. She can use Rhys' vampric abilities in a bad situation. Rhys will feel the drain and know she's in trouble.. And just now when she felt pain in her leg, she could tell he was in trouble,” Luca explained. Rhys raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged. Poppy's mouth formed small 'o'.

“What about the weird static when we just touched, that's never happened before,” I said. Luca frowned and pulled the book from his bag, flicking pages.

“Ah, it's a sign the bond is getting stronger,” Luca said after some reading. I felt rather than saw Rhys glare.

“Have you figured out how to break it yet?” Rhys asked. His voice chilling enough that I had a feeling he'd hurt Luca if he had no answer.

The End

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