Chapter 6.3Mature

The first thing I did when we got back to the college was go into my room. I heard a soft knock and knew it would be Poppy.

“Come in,” I yelled. I returned to my laptop, tapping at the keyboard insanely. Turned out that tomorrow evening there was a meet for me and the other English lit students. The invite on the e-mail said we'd get extra points for bringing a review of one of our favourite books. I picked a classic, pride and prejudice. It wasn't a big favourite, but I figured it'd look better. Poppy came in, taking in my bare room curiously. She spotted something on my bedside table and picked it up.

“Who's the kid?” she asked, turning the photo to show it to me. I grabbed it from her and internally swore at myself. I'd completely forgotten to put it away. I studied it, trying to see if Rhys features could translate, but the photo was too grainy and worn from time.

“He's someone I knew when I was younger,” I explained, realising I'd completely ignored Poppy.

“Oh, do you guys still talk?” she asked, sitting on my bed. I leaned over my desk chair and grabbed my photo album to put it back.

“He left shortly after this picture was taken. I don't remember his name,” I said. Poppy raised an eyebrow at me.

“What?” I asked, spreading both hands in the air.

“C'mon, there is so more to that story. You don't keep a picture for this long if he was just some guy you knew,” Poppy said. I sighed and Poppy got crossed her legs and got comfortable. She was more excited about the story than I was.

“We made a pact,” I began. Poppy oohed and I rolled my eyes at her. “We agreed to find each other again at Cambridge University.” her eyes bugged out, her mouth dropping open.

“That is so romantic. Any luck finding him?” she asked, excitement coursing through her body. I shook my head and sighed again.

“Well that sucks. Not even one possible lead?” she asked, grabbing my album to flick through it. I was glad she only paused on the picture of me and him. There were some embarrassing points in my adolescence I'd rather not be seen. I hesitated, feeling my half-heart necklace through my shirt.

“Maybe, but I'm hoping it's wrong,” I said. Poppy's waved a hand for me to continue speaking when I didn't say anything else. I pulled out the necklace out of my shirt and she immediately crawled over my bed to get a closer look.

“You said Rhys wanted a necklace similar to this looked at,” I said. She took it from my hand and studied the plain pattern around the outside of the heart and the small jewel in the top corner.

“The design does look similar. But I find it hard to believe Rhys could be your guy. Least based on how you talk about him,” Poppy said, dropping it with a shrug. I gnawed on my lower lip. That hadn't really answered my question.

“So you think he was doing it for someone else?” I asked hopefully.

“Maybe. But you'd have to ask him to find out,” Poppy said. I groaned and slumped back in my chair. The last thing I wanted to do was ask Rhys about a half-heart necklace. He'd have a field day making fun of me I was sure. Though I did need to speak to him. He might want to know that I could see his dreams, or rather nightmares.

The End

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