Chapter 6.2Mature

“Even if he was human, I'd avoid him,” I said. It was a complete lie. Because if he had still been human and the guy. Things could've been different.

“You know. When you think about it. A bond with a vampire is the best kind,” Luca said, standing up to wash my plate. I stood up and checked my phone. Poppy had already replied asking for details of where I'd bleeping been. I smiled at her self-censoring and put the phone back in my pocket.

“How so?” I asked, trying to keep the disagreement out of my tone. It was unsuccessful based on his laugh.

“Well, it can work two ways. You sap him of energy when you use his abilities. But your blood can easily restore it,” he explained.

“It seems sad that I have to tell you that's a dumb reason. Why would I let any vampire drink my blood? Least of all Rhys,” I said.

“Why not? Have you actually seen what he's like when feeding? You're assuming he's like Vicky. All about the killing,” Luca replied. I frowned, hadn't Harry said that was all they could do? A loud knock echoed from downstairs, interrupting our conversation. I glanced down the stairs while Luca answered it. I had no clue why I was hiding, it was daylight outside. It's not like a vampire could be out there. The door opened and I heard Jeremy's demanding voice. I jumped down the stairs to see him and Poppy in the doorway.

“Michelle!” Poppy yelled, shoving past both of them to crush my ribs with a hug.

“Hey, I'm fine,” I said, half gasping for air. She got the hint and released me, giving an embarrassed shrug by way of apology.

“What's going on?” Jeremy asked, sending Luca a very sharp look. Did everyone non-human hate him? I guess a normal human knowing so much would put them on edge.

“I was helping Michelle figure out what she is,” Luca said calmly. Poppy spun on the spot to stare at him expectantly.

“We figured it out. She's a born vamp-” Jeremy began.

“Don't be so ignorant Jeremy. We both know you would've smelled it the moment you saw her if that was true,” Luca interrupted. Smell? Poppy saw my confused expression and leaned over to whisper an explanation.

“Shifters have their full sense when human. Lycans kind of do, but nowhere near as good.” Impressive. I found myself even more curious to know exactly what his other form was. It couldn't be a wolf like the lycans, otherwise he have used it when confronting Victoria.

“Or maybe you knew the truth but preferred her to not know? You're certainly no fan of Rhys,” Luca continued. Jeremy narrowed his eyes at him.

“Careful what you say human. I don't have the same restrictions as Victoria,” Jeremy said. The threat was so clear I felt chills go down my spine. I'd never heard Jeremy use that tone before and it put me on edge. He blinked and the cold look in his eyes was gone.

“Let's go. We need to prepare for when classes start,” Jeremy said. Poppy nodded mutedly and left. I followed somewhat more warily. If Jeremy was aware of me studying him he didn't give any indication of it.

“I'll meet you guys tonight when Rhys turns up. Then everything will be explained in fuller detail,” Luca said from the doorway. I opened my mouth to ask how he knew and snapped it shut. It was dumb, he was too secretive. The way he grinned at Jeremy''s back made me think he wasn't human like everyone thought. Maybe he was something even older and rare than me.

The End

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