Chapter 6.1Mature

Chapter Six

Bright sunlight woke me out and I muttered a curse before hiding my head under the pillow. I tried to remember the dream but it faded too fast. All I could remember was the fear. And it had felt like it was me, but it had been Rhys. How did that work?

“So, you're finally awake?” Luca asked. I half-lifted the pillow to look at him. I muttered something intelligible and put it back down. Someone grabbed it from me and threw it on the other side of the open-plan living area. I sat up, glaring at Luca who was by the kitchen counter. Apparently he knew better than to be nearby after doing that.

“Ugh, what time is it?” I asked, rubbing at my eyes. No doubt my hair was a complete mess.

“Two in the afternoon,” Luca replied as he started putting something together in the kitchen. I widened my eyes before standing up. Poppy and Jeremy would be worrying like crazy. I checked my phone and saw a dozen missed calls from Poppy and twice as many texts.

“Showers through the corridor, second door on your right. I had to guess your size though with clothes,” Luca said. I sent him a puzzled look and he shrugged.

“You've imprinted on a vampire. I figured you'd sleep in. Eventually you're patterns will sync up. I'm sure if you go to Rhys' house he's woken up as well,” Luca explained. I stared at him for a few moments like he was insane.

“That's … messed up,” I said, running a hand through my hair. But part of my brain wondered, had I just seen his dream? I shook my head, refusing to think about it anymore. I let a cold shower wake me up and glanced at the bag of clothes Luca had brought me. I'd have to find a way to pay him back. Then again, he was clearly a loaded kid if he could afford his own club. I looked at them and fought the urge to sign. It definitely wasn't my usual style. I pulled on the ripped, black jeans and the t-shirt with a mess of cards as its design image. As I brushed my hair and restored order I contemplated Luca's words. Did that mean I'd eventually wake up at night, whether I liked it or not? I had a feeling there were a lot of aspects of this bond I had yet to learn. I left the bathroom, sending Poppy a quick 'I'm fine' text. Luca pointed at a plate of food on the counter. I ate it quickly, surprised that Luca could cook so well. When I finished I looked up at Luca, who was on the other side of the counter reading another old-looking book.

“So, what else is going to happen? With this bond I mean?” I asked. Luca pursed his lips as he thought.

“As far as I'm aware, it changes from bond to bond. So far you just have access to his base abilities. I'm guessing that's because you guys aren't getting on particularly well,” Luca said with a knowing smirk.

“Understatement. He's impossible,” I muttered in response.

“Why? I know his personality sucks a little, but how much of your opinion is being affected by what he is?” Luca asked. The question took me by surprise and I frowned. It wasn't something I'd really thought about. I mean I was still pissed that he'd bitten me. But his general attitude is still annoying. And last night, that side-comment about being alone. It was uncalled for and just proved he was someone I should stop being around. Of course I had no clue how to put all of that into words.

The End

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