Chapter 5.3Mature

I leaned against the wall away from the clubs entrance, taking big gulps of air. I watched drunk students leave the club, all laughing after having had a good time. I wish I could say the same thing about tonight's experience. I could make bonds with supernatural beings and gain their abilities through it. It was insane, but much better than being a vampire myself. I pulled out my phone and sent Poppy a text, telling her I''d found the answer. I put my phone back in my pocket and glanced to my side. Rhys was standing there, a mix of concern and annoyance on his face. It made for an interesting expression when he was naturally so bitter looking.

“What do we do now?” I asked him. He joined me against the wall, watching the students as well.

“I don't know. I don't care. The best thing to do is just to have nothing to do with each other,” Rhys suggested with a shrug. I didn't like that plan, didn't like the idea that I might randomly access strange abilities through him.

“Or you could come to college and we can find a way to transfer it,” I suggested. Though who on earth we'd transfer it to I had no clue.

“You think everyone will be up for a night talk? Jeremy won't do it. He might hang out with Poppy and you. But that's just 'cause he gets a sense of satisfaction out of playing the protector role. He still works alone. It's a shifter thing,” Rhys said.

“Jeremy isn't the only person out there,” I pointed out. Though I preferred the idea of Jeremy to anyone else.

“Fine, I'll come by tomorrow night. Find your own way home without getting attacked please,” Rhys said. I glared at him for the last part but he shrugged. Just when I start to think he's kind of nice he ruins it. As I watched his back I knew I should ask him about the necklace. But what would I do if it was him? Whoever that boy was, he's clearly gone now. And if he was gone, had I been keeping this promise for nothing? I felt my breathing messing up again. I'd been years since I'd had a panic attack and now I was having two in one night?

“I had a feeling Rhys had lied.” I looked up, lifting my head from my hands. I recognised the dark curls, though her eyes were a normal brown colour this time. I looked around but the club had shut and Rhys was long gone. I was going to have to yell at him later for jinxing it.

“Hi,” I said warily, standing up straight. It didn't matter much, she was taller than me and a heck of a lot more imposing.

“What I want to know is why he didn't just kill you. It's not like Rhys to really care when given a direct order by me,” Victoria continued. I shrugged, I couldn't really answer that. Then I wondered if I could. Did the bond mean he couldn't kill me, even if he wanted to? It would explain the certainty he wouldn't hurt me.

“He owed Poppy a favour,” I said. If I was as rare as Luca claimed, I didn't want to throw what I really was out there.

“Ah yes. You'd think he would've thrown away that damn thing by now,” Victoria muttered.

“You know about the necklace?” I asked. Maybe I could learn the truth without having to ask Rhys directly.

“Of course. It's the one thing he hasn't let go since I turned him two years ago. Sad really, how some vampires just cling to some scrap of humanity. Me? I have no issues embracing what I am,” Victoria murmured. Her eyes grew a ruby red and I figured now was a good time to run. I ran straight into someone instead. Luca pulled me inside the club and stood at the door glaring at Victoria.

“You're never allowed in Vicky,” he said. The nickname suggested some history. She glowered at him before crossing her arms, her eyes dying down to their natural colour.

“You'll die too eventually Luca. The moment you step out of your hidey hole,” she said. Then she turned and left. Her heel clicking sharply against the pavement.

“She's the one that turned him. That's why he couldn't help before,” I said, unsure of what facts I thought I knew were right.

“Yeah. It's kind of hard to ignore a direct order given to you by your Sire,” Luca replied. I followed him upstairs, looking outside and hoping dawn would come along soon.

“I'll take the sofa,” Luca suggested.

“No thanks. Waking up in one strangers bed is enough for one week thanks,” I replied dryly. I wouldn't be surprised if Rhys had burned the sheets after I had left.

“Now that sounds like a story I should hear,” he said with a laugh. He brought out a pillow and quilt and left me alone with restless sleep and messed up dreams.

The End

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