Chapter 5.2Mature

I leaned forward on the sofa, growing more impatient as Luca paced. That grin of his growing bigger with every step. He flicked a few more pages in his book before putting it down on the table. The page open on something. The pages looked thin and worn with dirt stained parts. How old was this thing. Rhys stayed where he was so I leaned over to read what it said. I read the description, worried by the implications. And in the same breath relieved. This sounded right somehow. I looked at Rhys, sure he wouldn't like this in the slightest. I certainly wasn't happy about it.

“But how?” I asked, glancing at Luca.

“Beats me. But there's you're answer. You're called an Imprinter,” he replied with a shrug. I sent Rhys a glance over the cover of the book, he didn't know what the phrase meant. He grew tired of waiting for one of us to speak and snatched the book from me.

“You could've just asked,” I muttered as it left my grip.

“Whatever,” he murmured, his eyes skimming the page. I saw his features pale as understanding hit him. I didn't realise it was possibly for a vampire to get paler, apparently I was wrong. He threw the book at Luca who caught it against his chest, mild shock showing on his face.

“You're wrong, look for another explanation,” Rhys growled. There was something different about him. His eyes looked more dangerous and I could see his enlarged canines. The sight of them sent shivers down my spine.

“There is no other explanation,” Luca replied, his voice matching Rhys tone. Rhys swore multiple times under his breath before turning his eyes on me.

“How?” he asked me, as if I was meant to know.

“I've only just found out. If anything you did it when you bit me,” I threw back, standing up and crossing my arms.

“It says the bond has to be made two-ways, but I guess its possible. The fact is there hasn't been a Gifted human of your nature in a very long time. Anything known about them comes from the medieval era,” Luca explained. I glanced out the window, trying to comprehend it.

“So, what? She can use any vampire ability I have without any of the weaknesses? And it'll drain me, not her?” Rhys asked disbelievingly.

“That's pretty much the sum of it,” Luca replied. He was enjoying Rhys reaction to this way too much.

“How do you break it?” I asked, stopping Rhys from yelling more abuse at Luca.

“As far as what research I've done is concerned. You can't. It might be possible to transfer, but it's painful for all three parties involved,” Luca explained. I buried my face in both hands, trying to calm my breathing. It wasn't working, in fact based on the crazy beating of my heart. I'd say I was in the middle of a panic attack.

“Will it weaken if we ignore it?” I heard Rhys ask. Something told me he was looking at me though. Was that the bond as well?

“I wouldn't know. As I said, there isn't much about Imprinters.

“I'm going outside for fresh air,” I said, standing up a little too fast. I wobbled a little in my steps and left. Aware Rhys was watching me again.

The End

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