Chapter 5.1Mature

Chapter Five

At least with Rhys around I didn't have to approach any bar staff. I followed him to a door tucked away in the corner behind the bar. None of the staff tried to stop us. The door led to a small set of stairs and the moment the door closed the sound of the music and shouts was shut off. Decent soundproofing. I sent Rhys a glance but he was already at the top of the stairs.

“If I wanted to bite you, I wouldn't do it in such a dumb place where staff could walk in,” Rhys threw over his shoulder. I'd forgotten he could sense when my heart rate sped up.

“Can you blame me for being cautious?” I said, following him into a large lounge area. There was a man standing by a huge window looking out onto the street below. Rain lazily travelled over its surface.

“Considering you basically put out a challenge the other night? Not really,” he replied. I sent him a side-glance.

“It's not my fault you're so easy to wind up,” I threw back. The glares were definitely back now and I didn't care.

“I could've just ignored your screaming you know,” he half shouted. I could see something dipping his lower lip. That probably should've told me to stop but I'd had enough of him.

“I didn't even scream idiot. And I was doing fine until you showed up.” Surprise flinted his features and then slow clapping drew both our attentions.

“I was wondering when you'd try to find me.” I knew that voice from somewhere. I looked up and saw blue eyes with dirty blond hair tied up. He was wearing designer trousers and a nice shirt this time. As well as overly obnoxious sunglasses.

“You're-” I started.

“I'd rather you didn't reveal my actual name around company if it's all the same to you,” Luca interrupted me. I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised, but why run an occult club that probably has fake info if you know the truth?

“Fine then,” I replied, crossing my arms but still damn curious. Rhys looked between us before flopping into one of the nearby sofas. He continued to shoot me dark looks when me and Luca sat on the sofa opposite.

“So, other than the obvious lover's spat. How can I help you?” Luca asked. If looks could kill I thought, as I saw Rhys' reaction to the words. I didn't appreciate the bad taste joke either.

“It's not like that,” I muttered.

“Really?” Luca asked, genuine shock in his voice. I tried not to take offence at his surprise as I pressed my fingers to my forehead. Hoping like hell I didn't get a headache from this conversation.

“You know why we're here Lucifer, so just tell us what girlie is already,” Rhys said impatiently.

“Michelle,” I corrected a second time, growing tired of his immaturity. Luza grinned and got up, grabbing a book.

“I had my suspicions when we first met. But I'll need to ask a few questions first to confirm it,” he said. I nodded and waited for the first question.

“Did you ever find you possessed strength or ability you;d never had before?” he asked.

“Yeah. For the first time last night,” I muttered. Sending Rhys a side-glance. It wasn't something Luca missed.

“And you helped her?” Luca directed to Rhys.

“Yeah,” Rhys replied.

“How did you know she needed help?” Luca continued.

“She screamed loud enough to deafen even me, and I was a few blocks away. I'm surprised no one else spotted her,” Rhys explained.

“I already told you I didn't scream,” I said sharply with crossed arms. Luca watched the exchanged silently as we continued to argue over the same point. Eventually we settled on glaring at each other.

“Last question,” Luca began, drawing both our attentions. “Did you feel weakened at all while you heard the screaming?” he asked Rhys. I frowned at him, what an odd question. Rhys met his gaze uncertainly.

“A little bit. But I hadn't had a chance to feed by then,” Rhys said. Luca's face split into a knowing smirk. Me and Rhys exchanged a glance before looking at him again, waiting for him to speak.

“Well?” I asked.

The End

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