Chapter 4.4Mature

I followed the crowd of students through the streets to the club. The Fez didn't look like much from the outside but inside was a decent sized dance floor and booths at the back. I grabbed one of those and tried to blend in, waiting for the others. I was sipping a glass of diet coke when I spotted him. He sensed me at the same time and frowned in my direction. I looked away, making it clear I wanted nothing to do with him. But he obviously didn't understand when someone was ignoring him as he walked over.

“Didn't expect to see you again after last night,” he commented, clearly amused by my presence here.

“Neither did I, but you just keep turning up,” I answered dryly, sending him a glare. Rather than walking away like a sensible person he sat down next to me. Brilliant.

“You're the one who came to my hunting grounds,” he said, his eyes scanning the dancing students. I covered my mouth trying not to feel ill.

“I could've gone my whole night not knowing that fact,” I muttered, burying my head in one hand.

“Why else do you think I'd be here?” he asked. I knew from his tone there was a stupid smirk on his face. I suppose he had a point. I twiddled my fingers, wanting Harry and Suzume to hurry up. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I had a bad feeling I wouldn't like what it had to say.

“Fuck,” I muttered after I read the text. Suzume bailed and Harry had some family thing come up. I really didn't want to face this Lucifer character on my own.

“Not meeting any friends?” Rhys asked. There was something in his voice that I didn't like when he said it.

“I'm guessing Poppy hasn't got in contact with you yet then?” I said a little bitterly. I still didn't believe for one moment he would actually bite me. Which was dumb, he'd done it once. But again my gut instinct insisted.

“Not that I'm aware,” Rhys replied, curiosity in his voice.

“Yeah, well after last night Jeremy's decided I might be a born vampire.” I spat the words and glared down at my drink. I glanced at Rhys, waiting for a reaction. At first I got silence and then his face changed. He tried to contain the laughter but couldn't. The deep sound of it reverberated through the air. A nice sound and something that changed his usually dire expression.

“What?” I asked, annoyance sparking and making my fists clench.

“Jeremy's an idiot. You're human girlie,” he said with a dismissive wave off the hand. Well, that was a huge relief. But now I was back at square one. I definitely had to find this Lucifer guy.

“My name's Michelle,” I said tersely.

“Oh, I forgot. I meet a lot of humans,” he replied. The implication behind the statement obvious.

“And what happened last night? Other than me saving your butt?” Rhys asked. I glanced at him, I'd figured he'd at least seen something.

“Before you turned up I was able to fight him off. And sense things a human shouldn't be able too,” I explained. I waited for Rhys to suggest an explanation but he looked as puzzled as I felt.

“So that's why you're here? To ask Lucifer,” Rhys stated. I nodded, frowning at the text. I don't know if it was because he sensed my uncertainty, or if he was as curious as me.

“Want me to come with you?” he asked. Rhys didn't strike me as the first choice for any type of reassurance. But it was better than going in alone.

The End

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