Chapter 4.3Mature

When Poppy returned Marcus didn't just appear distant, he seemed to be outright glaring at me. Isabella looked uncomfortable as she looked form him to me. She had to know Harry and Suzume had spoken to me. After a few minutes of stunted conversation she made up an excuse and dragged Marcus with her. We asked Poppy if she wanted to come with us as well and she groaned.

“I can't. There's a big introduction thing happening for the fashion society. Walkways and pretty clothes. Don't hate me,” Poppy said. Big eyes looking at me as she pouted.

“It's fine. Just figured I'd ask,” I reassured. We went on our tour of the college and Suzume did most of the talking. Harry just put in comments about how awesome the drinking society was.

“Have you guys met Rhys?” I asked, interrupting Suzume's speech on a wall plaque. I had a good feeling she was a history student. Poppy looked up from her texting to send me a confused look. Was it weird of me to mention him?

“Yes,” Suzume said darkly. That surprised me, out of the two she struck as the one who had control of her emotions. I glanced at Harry and his fists were clenched, his lips moving silently. When he finished counting to ten he relaxed his hand and answered me.

“Of course we do. We've wanted to take care of him for a while but he's a neutral,” Harry explained.

“Because of his insufferable nature, or has he actually hurt people?” I asked. Why I even cared was lost on me. But despite how much of an ass he was, he did save me.

“That's like asking if the sky is blue. All vampires have killed. It's just a part of their nature,” Harry said.

“Then why are there so many of them?” I asked. Hoping that the three I'd ran into would be it. I had a grim feeling that was unlikely.

“Because they get bored, so they make more vamps for company. Half the time they die within weeks. The sire gets bored or leaves them to get by on their own. We take care of the ones who put themselves out there far more than they should. But Rhys is connected to a vampire who's high in the chain of command. She's the person we're trying to take out,” Harry explained.

“Victoria?” I asked, remembering Rhys mention the name of the female vampire who wanted me killed.

“Yes, she's been making an infamous name for herself recently,” Harry said.

“Have you considered asking Rhys to help?” I asked. That earned me three pairs of laughter and I crossed my arms. I tried not to blush at what must've been a dumb question as they stopped one by one.

“Rhys only looks out for himself. He'd only tell us something if he had too to save his own skin. And it would be something insignificant,” Poppy said.

“But I thought he owed you. So you must have experience of working together?” I asked. Poppy shook her head, shuddering at the memory.

“He wanted a psychic reading on an object but I couldn't find anything. But trying damn near killed me. I could never figure out what was wrong with it. It wasn't cursed or spelled in anyway. But he felt bad I guess and said he owed me. Truthfully I didn't expect I'd ever need anything until you turned up.”

“What was the object?” I asked, out of habit more than anything.

“One of those half-heart necklace things,” Poppy started. She laughed at Harry and Suzume's looks. “I know, I would've never expected Rhys to have something like that either. But he did,” Poppy shrugged. She turned from the others to glance at me.

“Are you okay?” she asked, concern arching her eyebrows. I gulped and nodded. Thankfully conversation moved on swiftly. I didn't pay attention. Was it even possible? I really hoped not.

The End

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