Chapter 4.2Mature

“So, what's the best part of King's college to see first?” I asked when neither said nothing. Suzume opened her mouth to answer when Harry cut her off.

“I find it hard to believe you're a Fang,” he said. Suzume smacked his arm, shooting him a sharp look. I half opened my mouth and closed it.

“What? We were all thinking it,” he said with a shrug.

“Fang?” I finally asked. Wanting to cling to a hope that it didn't mean what it seemed to. That they didn't know everything as well.

“A vampire. We call them Fangs,” Harry explained.

“We?” I asked with raised eyebrows.

“Our pack. There are a few of us scattered around the city. We're the ones that keep them under control. We've also had to clean up after them, a few times,” Suzume explained.

“Pack, as in werewolves?” I asked. Marcus' cold attitude to me suddenly made sense. Did that mean all of them disliked me simple because of what I might be?

“We prefer the term Lycan. But yes,” She said.

“So what about Jeremy? He called himself a shifter, is that similar?” I asked, I needed to do some serious research on these guys. I'd been hesitating with going to the occult society meetings.

“Yes and no. Shifters alternative form can be one of any type of animal. Most lycans turn into wolves. Other type of lycans are rare. And shifters aren't compelled by the moon like we are,” Suzume explained. I took it all in, wondering if I should worry by how easily I believed everything.

“So, are you one?” Harry asked again, miming fangs in the neck. I winced at the gesture, still very much against the idea of biting someone.

“That's Jeremy's opinion. I still don't agree with it,” I replied.

“Why not?” Harry frowned.

“I don't know. Just … a feeling,” I said lamely with raised shoulders. Suzume didn't look convinced, Harry on the other hand considered my words.

“I always say follow your instinct. Besides, Jeremy doesn't know about everything that's out there. No matter how entitled he is,” Harry muttered the last part.

“Do you know someone who does then?” I asked. Harry ran a hand over his chin, thinking hard before glancing at Suzume. She shook her head at him, his response was to wave a hand at her dismissively. She rolled her eyes but didn't stop him.

“The only person in Cambridge who might be able to help you out is Lucifer,” Harry asked. He laughed at my bewildered expression, head shaking.

“It ain't his real name. It's what he goes by in the supernatural world. His idea of a joke I guess. As far as any of us are aware he's just a human who somehow knows too much,” Harry explained. I chewed my lower lip. Could the information really be that reliable if he was human?

“Where would I find him?” I asked.

“He owns a club that's popular with students. Close to the market square. The Fez. Your best bet is to go there and ask for one the bartenders for him. But make sure it's one of the ones with a purple pin on their chest. They're people in the know.” I'd seen the name before somewhere. I remembered the open invite I'd been handed.

“You guys up for a party?” I asked. Suzume didn't look sure, Harry on the other hand was all up for it. Jeremy may be willing to give up easily. But I wasn't going to accept I was a vampire. Not when every sense screamed that wasn't right.

The End

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