Chapter 3.4Mature

When I got back to my room I sat on my desk. I tried to think over the events of tonight, where had those abilities come from? And why did they go just as fast? Maybe Poppy was onto something. I tried searching google but it was hard to sort all the fiction from facts. I gave up and collapsed into bed.

The next morning I found Poppy and Jeremy in the hall. Poppy stood up to wave me over and paused. Apparently my expression looked as crappy as I felt.

“Woah, didn't get any sleep last night?” Jeremy asked. His voice somewhere between laughing and concern.

“No actually. I decided to go outside for some fresh air and stumbled upon a vampire attack. I stopped it and got myself attacked in the progress,” I said dead pan. Poppy choked on her sip of juice while Jeremy's eyes narrowed into a scary expression.

“Then what?” he asked.

“Rhys turned up. But before then ...” I trailed off, unsure how to even phrase it. Poppy covered my hand with hers and sent me an encouraging look. I gulped, scared of what it could mean. Horribly aware of the bite mark on my wrist. But surely Rhys would've said something.

“Something happened to me. I don't know what. One minutes I was helpless and then suddenly I was strong. And fast. I could hear someone's heartbeat and any injury I gained healed,” I said it in a rush and then stared at them both hopefully afterwards. They exchanged a look, the kind that told me they were worried. When Poppy looks at me again she chewed her lower lip.

“How can that happen?” I asked.

“You could be developing you're abilities late. You could be a born vampire,” Jeremy explained. I starred at him with wide eyes. I looked at Poppy who shrugged with obvious discomfort.

“But, the sun,” I grasped. Jeremy shook his head and I felt my breathing speed up again.

“Rhys is a turned vampire. Born vampires can withstand sunlight, apart from mid-day hours,” Jeremy explained. I gulped, trying to sort through my emotions. But amongst them one thought ran through my head.

“That's not what I am,” I said. I don't know where the determination and belief came from. But I was certain that wasn't right. Poppy nodded, sending Jeremy a pleading look.

“I've been able to sense vampires for years Jeremy. I think I'd have been able tell during the dream if that's what she was,” she said.

“Everyone makes mistakes and slip-ups Poppy. I know its not what you want to hear. But it's the most likely explanation.” With that Jeremy stood and left the hall. I watched him go, his idea did make sense. But something in my gut told me it was wrong.

The End

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