Chapter 3.3Mature

He leaned closer and I made a snap decision. I'd probably regret it but I wasn't about to go down without kicking. I raised my fist, expecting it to be deflected but it connected with his face. The force of it sending him across the pavement at startling speed. I starred from him to my fist in shock. It didn't even hurt me to throw the punch. I glanced at the human was too busy looking at the vampire to take anything else in.

“Run idiot,” I yelled. He eyes turned to me and I heard his heart rate jump to new speeds as he turned and ran. Wait, what? Why was I able to sense something like that? I pulled myself up and glanced at my hand. Where the skin had been scraped in the fall it had healed. I searched my mind for an explanation when I remember my wrist. I lifted the sleeve of my jumper and the bite marks. They were still there and looked likely to scar. The guy got up with a grunt and looked back at me. Blood was steadily falling from his broken nose. He raised a hand and righted it and the blood flow slowed and stopped.

“Gifted human, eh?” he said with a laugh. I raised an eyebrow at him, not that I hadn't already questioned his sanity.

“This'll be good. I haven't had a decent fight in ages,” he continued when the laughing died down. He flew at me, and I knew from yesterday it should've just been a blur. Yet I could make him out as he rushed. I moved, kicking out as I did. My knee caught him in the gut and he laughed again. He grabbed my leg and threw me. I saw the wall and knew even with the weird healing I was not going to survive this collision. Luckily someone grabbed me from the air and cushioned my fall onto the pavement with their body. I sat up, scrambling away from whoever it was.

“You're hopeless. It's a good thing I heard your screaming,” Rhys muttered angrily. I didn't remember screaming. He stood up and faced the other vampire. The fight lasted all of five seconds and unlike before I couldn't trace the movements made. One moment they were a blur, the next the other vampire was dead. Rhys dropped a heart on the floor and I suppressed the urge to be sick. He shook the blood from his heart and turned his attention back to me.

“Now you owe me,” he said, holding out his non-bloody hand. I took it and let him pull me up.

“Or things are just even. Seeing as you bit me without consent,” I retorted, pulling my hand back quickly. We glared at each other for a few moments before he shrugged.

“Poppy said you had to be alive. She should've set rules as far as snacking were concerned,” he replied. I gritted my teeth and made to slap him. Whatever element of surprise I'd had with the other vampire didn't exist with him. He caught my wrist easily before my hand made contact with his face. I yanked it back, rubbing the skin he'd touched. I turned my back on him and headed back towards the city centre.

“You really shouldn't turn your back on a vampire like that,” he said. I shot him a glare over my shoulder and faced him again with crossed arms.

“You won't kill me,” I said with a shrug.

“Oh, really? What makes you so sure of that?” he asked, a hint of amusement in his tone.

“Because you just saved me,” I said. I didn't wait for his response and left. I had no doubt it'd come back to bite me, literally. But there a small sense of satisfaction in making him look a fool.

The End

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