Chapter 3.2Mature

At the end of the day I was worn out. I hadn't even scratched the surface as far as everything to do. I suppose that's why it was a whole week. Poppy and Jeremy wanted to check out some of the other college campus'. I liked the idea of going to king's college to see Isabella and her friends. Luckily Rhys wasn't the only one and they recognised her. I wondered if that meant she was part of their 'odd' group. I tossed and turned a little longer before I got out of bed. At this rate I was never going to get any sleep. I sighed before pulling on some jeans, a top and jumper. Maybe I just needed a walk to clear my head a little. Back home I was always taking midnight walks through the fields. It was probably dangerous but it was the best way to deal with stress.

I left the college quietly, waving to night-shift porters as I went. Outside I was assaulted by the noise of cars and people. Music blared from clubs and lights hid the stars. I left the main street and headed towards the river. I could hear the sounds of laughter nearby, no doubt students skinny dipping or other drunken antics. I moved away from their sounds and glanced up at the sky. I could make out a few stars. But it was nothing like back home where the sky was covered.

“Why did I think I could do this?” I said out loud. I looked down at my hands, wondering what made me so special. Maybe Poppy had got it wrong, there another girl who looked similar to me. That sounded logical. I heard movement in the bushes and what sounded like muffled yells of help. I hurried, following the sound. I saw two guys trying to pin down a women and narrowed my eyes. I searched the ground and picked up the biggest rock I could find. I managed to get it square on the head of one of them.

“Ach, what the hell was that?” the guy yelled, standing up straight and looking around. The women’s yells died down to whimpers as she searched hopefully. I picked up another rock and managed to get the arm of the other. His eyes instantly looked at me. I would've called it luck but his eyes glowed a dim red.

“You have to be kidding,” I whispered a heartbeat before he moved in my direction. I didn't hang around and started to run. The only plus I could think of as two pairs of footsteps followed, was that the women was safe. I was started to get a sense of deja-vu and half hoped Rhys turned up. Which is so messed up, he's a dick and just as much a vampire as the guy steadily catching up to me. I reached the nearest main road and raced across regardless of the cars. I heard screeching tires and horns honk but kept going. I could see the city centre ahead. They couldn't get me there. Then I tripped, skidding onto the concrete with a hiss.

“Game over.” I didn't need to look over my shoulder to know it was the vampire who said that.

“Maybe we should just scare her a little and let her go,” his friend suggested. Very definitely human.

“Having second thoughts?” the second guy asked, his grin never leaving me. He moved closer and I crawled away. I felt a fence hit my back and my breathing sped up another notch. The human watched me with a mix of emotions as I silently pleaded for him to do something. He turned away and I felt my hopes drop.

“Why would a vamp be working with a human?” I asked. Taking them both by surprise. I don;t know why I was stalling, it wasn't like there was help on the way. And yet I felt like there was something moving closer. Like distant awareness I could barely make out through layers of static.

“Well, some humans want to be turned. But so far he's not doing much to convince me he's worthy,” The guy replied with a laugh. Sweat formed on the humans head as the vampire spoke. It didn't take a genius to guess that if the vampire didn't want to turn you, the only other option was death.
“But that's not any of your concern. You're going to be dead in a few moments, “ the vampire said with a evil smirk that showed his sharp canines in the dim light.

The End

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