Chapter 3.1Mature

Chapter Three

“Okay. So you met Rhys. And figured out that he's your stereotypical vampire. Jeremy's a shifter, he can take on an alternative animal form. But its not something he does unless needed. I'm what called a 'gifted human' in their world. I get weird vision in my dreams and have in the past gone into strange trances,” Poppy explained. She chewed her lower lip when I didn't respond straight away. Now that I wasn't around Rhys and feeling terrified my mind was finally taking it all in. I leaned forward, running both hands through my hair. I took a few calming breaths and when I looked up to reply Jeremy was watching me carefully, concern in his eyes.

“Okay … so how old are you really?” I asked, looking at Jeremy. He laughed, shaking his head.

“I am still nineteen,” he replied. Well, nice to know I hadn't thought a fifty year old was cute by accident.

“Okay. So why didn't you get Rhys to erase my memories? Isn't a risk to you guys having me know?” I asked. Jeremy's eyes moving to floor pretty much confirmed the second question.

“I said, I get visions. And one of them was someone who looked a lot like you. And then the first person I encounter here is, well, you. I don't know what it means. But I don't get them for nothing,” Poppy explained, ending with a slightly high-pitched nervous laugh. I frowned at her words wondering what her vision could've met.

“Look. Until today I was a very big non-believer in this stuff. And as far as I'm aware I've never had anything to do with it,” I said with raised eyebrows. Poppy's shoulders drooped a little and she glanced at Jeremy for guidance.

“Any chance you're adopted? A parent you never knew?” he asked. I shook my head to both. There was photo back home of my mum holding me in the hospital after I'd been born. There another picture like it for my older brother. Something he didn't appreciate, especially when my mum pointed it out to his girlfriend. Samuel would have a field day with this whole situation. He had always been reading up on magic and vampires and all that sort of stuff.

“Well, so it's not so obvious what you could be. Chances are you're another Gifted human. In which case you're ability will pop up any day now,” Poppy reassured. Leaning resting a hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks, I guess,” I said. I glanced out the window to where a bunch of guys were drowning beers. Obviously there were joining the drinking society.

“Let's go back outside and have fun. This is still going to be an awesome University experience,” Poppy said, standing up and grabbing my hand again. I didn't complain, smiling as she led me outside. Jeremy followed close behind. We wandered the erected stands, weaving through the students who had stopped to look more. I found a reading society while Poppy found a fashion one. Jeremy spotted an occult stand and pointed it out making Poppy laugh. I'm sure it was funny. But with the knowledge being so fresh I was half tempting to go over there and ask them question to learn more.

“We're heading to the dining hall, you coming?” Poppy asked, presenting me with the perfect opportunity.

“Nah, Going to look around more. Have fun,” I said with a wave. The moment they were lost in the crowd I walked over. The guy manning the stall looked up from the book he'd been reading. It was an old, leather-bound thing. He had thick dirty blond hair that fell to his shoulders and baby blue eyes. He worn dark blue jeans and a white top with a black pentagram on it. I couldn't figure out if something like that was a good or bad thing. If I got info here I wanted it to be of decent quality.

“Hi, my name's Michelle,” I said, with a awkward wave.

“Luca,” he replied with a smile. He put his book down and leaned forward.

“What questions do you have?” he asked, as if reading my mind.

“Erm, a lot. I was wondering where the society meets. If I'd be able to go to one the once. Just to see what it was like,” I asked, hoping I didn't sound to unsure of myself.

“We meet every evening in a second-hand bookshop. I can give you directions to it. The numbers of each meeting vary. But we usually get quite a few people on Saturdays if you want to come tonight,” he explained. He handed me a small card with the meeting location and time on it. Serious society if it was every evening. But I wouldn't complain about the convenience of it.

The End

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