Chapter 2.4Mature

After flicking through channels for twenty minutes I turned off the TV with a loud sigh. Rhys was doing something in his room. I glanced at my badged wrist, the pain had gone away at least. It didn't feel broken and I doubt Rhys would've been able to tell if it had. I started removing it and saw why it'd been covered.

“Bastard,” I muttered, wrapping my arms round me. The thought that while I was unconscious he'd bitten me felt wrong. Like I'd been violated in some way. A loud knock came from the front door and I shot to my feet. The door behind me opened and Rhys came out. The messy fluff of hair told me he'd been trying to sleep. I didn't feel particularly bad for messing up his sleep schedule.

He unlocked the door and stood to the side while Poppy let herself in. Sunlight streamed in briefly and he winced. Even if it wasn't on him the bright light hurt his eyes. I wished I'd had a torch so I could get petty payback for my wrist. He glanced at me, seeing my glare. His eyes moved to my uncovered wrist and he looked away. At least he had enough brains to look guilty.

“Michelle, hey!” Poppy said, holding her arms out for a hug. I crossed my arms and waited for her to explain. She dropped her arms with a frown and glanced at Rhys.

“How do you always manage to piss people off?” she muttered.

“It's part of my charm,” he said with a laugh. Though there no real humour in the cold sound.

“Sure,” Poppy replied. Rolling her eyes and drawing out the word. Jeremy walked through the doorway, his eyes immediately meetings Rhys'. The hate was so obvious I could taste it in the air.

“Jeremy, I told you to wait in the car,” Poppy said with a sigh. Obviously she'd foreseen the angry looks being exchanged.

“I'm guessing by your expression you're annoyed .. and possibly already know the basics,” Poppy said. She sent Rhys a pointed look.

“She burned me with the fricken sun,” Rhys defended. Jeremy snickered, gaining a glare from Rhys that not even I'd been worthy of earlier.

“Okay, how about we talk about this back at the college? I get the feeling we're overstepping our welcome,” Poppy said.

“Whatever gave you that idea,” Rhys replied sarcastically. Poppy shook her head at him and took my hand. I felt relieved to be out of the dim, small flat. I had to blink against the sun outside and let my eyes readjust again. I glanced at Jeremy, was he really a shifter? With Rhys it was easy to believe, the evidence was there. But when Jeremy had been fighting he had looked like himself. What did shifter even mean?

So many question burns through my thoughts. I urged the bus driver to speed up mentally as it crawled through traffic to the college. When we walked through the main gates I opened my mouth to start talking but Poppy cut me off with a shushing gesture. I glanced around and saw hundreds of students milling around. Of course, freshers week. I let them lead me to the library which was empty of life. Everyone was outside enjoying the festivities and meeting new people.

“Okay, let's do this,” Jeremy said, taking a seat at one of the tables near the back of the library. Poppy sat next to him whilst I sat opposite. I waited for them to start explaining. While trying to decide if I should take up Rhys offer of having my memory erased.

The End

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