Chapter 2.3Mature

“Will you please tell me what's going on now?” I asked. Watching him stand up shakily. He glared at me. Keleb ran over to his master, small shrill howls leaving his mouth.

“I'll open them again,” I threatened. He muttered under his breath before a waving a hand at one of the chairs. I sat in the one nearest the window, something he didn't miss. Rhys opened the fridge and opened a hidden compartment I hadn't spotted before. He pulled out a plastic bottle of a dark liquid. He practically ripped off the lid and drank it quickly. When he finished it wiped his mouth and I could see his eyes had a faint red glow to them. He chucked the empty bottle in the bin and sat down. I watched in shock as his skin started to heal before my eyes.

“Fine, but if you freak out I'm erasing your memory. Regardless of what Poppy wants,” Rhys muttered. I blinked at him, could he really do that?

“I won't freak out then,” I replied. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He sat in silence for a few moments trying to pick his words well.

“Screw it,” he muttered after a few more seconds of frowning. “I'm a vampire, Poppy's a gifted human and Jeremy's a shifter.” I starred at him for a few moments unable to believe him. Then things started to click. The way he burned up in the sun, his red eyes and fast healing after drinking-

“Oh god, that was blood,” I muttered. Interrupting my own thoughts and trying to push away revulsion.

“Yes. The person they were fighting is called Victoria. She and those following her have been causing a lot of trouble,” Rhys explained. Shrugging away the blood thing like it was no big deal.

“But you were helping her ... following her instructions,” I said with narrowed eyes.

“Don't worry. She doesn't know your here. As far as she's concerned you're already dead,” Rhys said. It wasn't particularly reassuring.

“So, what are you? The inside guy or something?” I asked making Rhys laugh.

“I'm neutral girl. I don't give a damn who wins this tuft war. But I owed Poppy,” He said.

“So do you know when they'll get here?” I asked. Rhys glanced at his mobile.

“An hours time. And then hopefully I won't have anything more to do with you,” he muttered standing up. Clearly still annoyed about the sun thing.

“Can you blame me? The last thing I remember is being chased by you,” I defended, clutching my hands together.

“And oddly enough you're not dead,” Rhys commented dryly. I returned his glare, vampire or not he was a jerk. I clenched my jaw and turned away. An hour then? I had no clue what I was going to do in that time. Rhys certainly wasn't great talking company.

“Catch,” Rhys said, throwing my bag from yesterday. I pulled out my mobile, there were no missed calls or texts. Then again everyone knew where I was. Except Isabella, but we'd only just met and I hadn't given her my mobile number. Freshers week would've started and I'd have missed all the big talks from the society’s by now. My university experience was going just great I thought bitterly. I'd been attacked, found out supernatural beings exist and would probably never find the boy now.

The End

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