Chapter 2.2Mature

I opened my eyes and hissed in pain immediately. My head was throbbing and I could feel sharp, shooting pains in my wrist. I sat up slowly, seeing I was in a someone else’s bed. I definitely wasn't back at the college. I threw off the covers and stood up slowly, seeing there was a bandage round my wrist. The room had a bed and wardrobe. I couldn't see any nik-naks or photos in the room or on the bedside table and wondered who's house this was. I walked towards the door. Or rather limped, I must've done something to my ankle as well in that fall. I hesitated at the doorknob as I recalled everything. The women that was attacking Poppy and Jeremy. Jeremy looking barely conscious. And Rhys. He was trying to kill me when I was knocked out. So where the hell was I now?

None of it made sense. People weren't meant to move that fast, or recover from blows that hard. I opened the door slowly, thankful that it didn't make any noise. I looked around, barely able to see anything in the darkness. I walked in carefully and paused when the sound of soft snoring reached me. I look over to where I thought a sofa was and saw someone was sleeping in it. I didn't want to wake whoever they were, especially if they were that guy or women.

I looked around ad my eyes adjusted to the low light. I could see a small kitchen attached to the open plan living area. It looked like it'd never been used based on the lack of dishes or even crumbs. I was stood at the head of the sofa, opposite the TV. The front door was straight ahead. But to get to it I had to sneak past the person. I had a bad feeling that wasn't going to be easy. I took a calming breath and clenched my fists. Thankfully the floors were carpeted so my steps were a hushed sound. The person moved in their sleep and I paused, preying I hadn't just woke them up. When they didn't move and I heard soft snores I started walking forward again. I reached the door and lowered the door handle as quietly as possible. I pulled and met resistance. I felt my heart jump into my throat. How stupid, of course the door would've been locked. I wasn't lucky enough for it not to be.

I turned around to check the person was still sleeping but the sofa was empty. The blankets they'd been using thrown haphazardly over it. I looked around, trying not to hyperventilate. I heard shuffling sounds nearby and yelped as something jumped onto my legs. Then I heard the sound of barking and uncovered my face. I starred down at the small husky, he couldn't more than a year old based on the size of him. I knelt down, stroking his fur and shushing him. Though it was pretty pointless, the person was awake now if they weren't before.

“His name's Keleb,” Rhys said nearby, making me jump. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was standing behind me. How long had he been there?

“Right,” I said, standing up slowly. I really wanted to run away but with the door locked it was a pretty pointless idea. At least his eyes weren't creepy and red anymore.

“What are the chances of getting an explanation on what the hell happened?” I asked. If he was going to kill me I could at least understand why.

“Depends on what Poppy and Jeremy say,” he replied, walking over to the sofa and lying down with closed eyes. I watched him, unsure what to make of what he said.

“So I'm just meant to wait here until they show up?” I asked. I thought Rhys was the bad guy and now he was with the others? Then again Poppy had left me with him at the party.

“Yup,” He said, eyes still closed. I sighed looking around the bare-minimum flat. Keleb gave small bark, his tail wagging. I sat down and kept stroking him. Somehow the Rhys yesterday didn't strike me as the type of guy to have a dog. Especially not one so cute and friendly. I took in the thick drapes covering the windows and got up to look round the kitchen. Nothing to eat. Jeez, how did this guy get by? Concentrating in the dark was starting to get really hard. Rhys clearly took anti-social to a new extreme with the way he hid himself from the world. I reached over to the nearest window and lifted it. I heard a hiss and suddenly Rhys was behind me, yanking me back. The thin slice of light disappeared.

“What your problem?” I said, pulling away, though I'm sure it was something he let me do. He was shaking one hand and cursing under his breath.

“Don't open the curtains,” he demanded tersely. I saw the raw, red skin on his hand now with wide eyes. I reached a hand behind me, a plan forming in my head. I grabbed for the curtains and pulled them fully open.

“Fuck,” Rhys yelled, managing to hide behind sofa. Even so the smell of burning reached my nostrils and wondered just what he was. I walked forward to glance over the sofa where Rhys was curled in the fetal position. All of his exposed skin was red and weeping. Other areas looked tinged black. I covered my mouth before the smell made me throw up.

“Please close the curtains,” Rhys said from the floor. His body was physically shaking. I knew I shouldn't have felt sorry for him and just left. Instead I walked back and shut the curtains. But I kept my hands on them in case he decided to get angry about it.

The End

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