Chapter 2.1Mature

Chapter Two

“Ow,” I murmured in unison with another voice. I looked up recognising it and saw Rhys. I opened my mouth to ask him what was going on but something about his expression wasn't right. The grin was sending chills down my spine.

“Here,” he said, offering his hand after standing up. The weird expression was gone and I wondered if it was all my head. He seemed perfectly polite now. I reached and let him pull me up. The force of it taking me by surprise a little.

“Thanks,” I said. I glanced down the side-street still hearing fighting. It sounded like it was moving closer. My eyes widened as I recognised Jeremy and Poppy, they were fighting a women. At least that's what I thought but her movements were impossible to follow.

“Guys, I think we're going to have to settle this another time,” Rhys called back to them. I turned my surprised eyes onto him. One moment he was standing a little to my left and the next he was behind me, his arms wrapped round me like a vice. Poppy had stopped and seen me.

“Jeremy!” she yelled, grabbing his attention for a second. It was enough for the women to punch him. But the force wasn't anything I'd seen. It slammed into him and sent him flying against the wall with a loud crack. He slumped to the floor, Poppy hands shot to her mouth. The women stopped moving and I could make out that she had dark brown curls and red eyes. She saw me and Rhys and smirked.

“A curious human, eh?” she said, approaching us. I tried to back away instinctively but Rhys was like a brick wall. I watched Poppy kneel beside Jeremy, I saw a glint of something liquid when she pulled away from his forehead. My eyes flicked from her to the women now before me. There was nothing kind about her eyes which had faded to a sea green colour. I glared at her with gritted teeth. I had no clue what was going on, all I had was the knowledge that she'd hurt Jeremy.

“Tough one,” she murmured In response with a small laugh.

“Leave her alone,” Jeremy said. I hadn't even noticed he'd gotten up. I felt a mix of disbelief and ease knowing he wasn't dead. Though he was holding one side of his head and suing the wall for support.

“Why should I? You're not going to clean up the mess, are you?” the women said, glancing back at him with a bored expression.

“She's important! I saw it,” Poppy explained. I blinked at her, was she making it up or was she being serious?

“Well if it was one of your psychic visions, then she's important to you. To us, she's a bigger target,” Rhys said behind me. I was aware his breaths were close to the back of my neck and wanted to look back. The sane part of me that was already struggling to take in the situation said not to.

“Don't!,” Poppy said, glaring at Rhys.

“I didn't see sides, okay? I just know she matters for some reason. You could doing yourself just as much damage if you kill her,” Poppy said. Kill me? I felt my hands shaking at the thought and tried to fight against his hold more.

“It's useless, you-” I cut off his drooling tone with a sharp elbow to the gut. When his arms released me I turned to see he'd doubled over. He recovered quickly, sending me a dark look.

“Now that just pisses me off,” he muttered. His eyes turning a dark red like the women's had been. I didn't wait for him to do anything, I just raced past him. I felt the disturbance in the air that told me he'd tried to grab me and kept moving.

“Don't look at me, go get her back,” I heard the women tell him.

“Shitshitshitshit,” I whispered to myself continuously. Daring not to look over my shoulder. I couldn't hear nearing footsteps but my skin crawled, telling me he was catching up. I felt someone grabbed my wrist harshly and fling me backwards, sending me sprawling onto the ground. Pain reverberated through my head and back as I connected with the pavement. I blinked away tears from the pain. I saw Rhys loom above me as my vision blurred and faded to nothing.

The End

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