Chapter 1.1Mature

Michelle made a promise to a boy she once knew when she was younger. The promise was to find each other again at Cambridge University. And to save themselves until that moment. Now she's there, and dealing with supernatural beings of all thing. Will she ever be able to find him?

Chapter One

“Here,” the taxi driver announced. I looked out the window at the huge building before me. I'd been quite ambitious when I'd applied for Cambridge university. Truthfully, I'd never expected to get a place. The only reason I pushed for it was because of the promise I'd made so long ago. I pulled my necklace out from under my top and looked a tit. Running my thumb over the half heart. Me and the boy had been only around eight years old when we'd promised to go to Cambridge together. I couldn't even remember his name, but I'd kept the other promise. The one we'd made the day he got moved away. I'd turned down all offers, only interested in finding him again. Because I swore to save my second kiss and first everything else for him.

“Let me help you,” the taxi driver said, taking the heaviest of my bags.

“Thanks,” I said. I walked into the porters lodge and saw a man staring out the window, boredom evident on his face.

“Hi, my name's Michelle Porter,” I said with a shy wave. The guy looked up in mild surprise and stood up. He glanced through a folder before stopping and turning it to me.

“Sign next to your name, I'll get your key for you,” he said. I did so quickly, glancing at the map. I already had an extensive one in my bag, since the university buildings were scattered all over the city.

“Here, welcome to Emmanuel College,” he said, handing me a new-style card key. He proceeded to give me instructions to my room from the lodge. I thanked him and headed out, also thanking the taxi driver. I paused as I passed a big pond on the grounds. Duck and moorhens surrounded it, their chicks and ducklings exploring the surrounding bushes and flowerbeds with cute chirping noises. I smiled at them, entranced by such a simple sight. The serenity was ruined by someone bumping into me.

“Sorry,” the guy said, picking up my fallen case quickly. He pushed glasses up his nose and rushed by, his cheeks flustered.

“It's okay,” I shouted after him. He half waved before continuing on. I frowned, had I done something wrong? I grabbed my stuff and headed to my room, the first person I met here wasn't even interested in stopping for a chat. I shook my head, now was not the time to be insecure. I opened the door and saw a single bed, bedside table and wardrobe with a desk tucked in the corner. I pack away my clothes quickly and set up my laptop on the desk. I checked the friends reunited forum I'd joined. No one had replied to my comment of looking for an old friend I'd planned to meet in Cambridge university.

I sat back in my chair, unsure of what to do. Classes wouldn't start for a week yet. The day after tomorrow freshers week would start where I'd get to meet a lot of the other students. Maybe find a society I liked the look of to join. Would I find him? I was starting to see the hopelessness of it as I glanced outside and saw all the student milling about on the grounds. I didn't even know if he was staying in the same college as me, or what subject he was studying. Or if he even able to get into. Let alone actually remember the promise. I shook my head, thinking like that was pointless. For all I'd known I'd already crossed his path. I glanced at my photo album that had been haphazardly thrown on the bed and picked it up. Inside were the few photos I'd had of us.

He had light brown hair that covered half his face. Freckles sprouted across his nose and cheeks. I couldn't make out his eyes in any of the photos, but knew they were a beautiful shade. I put the album in the drawer of my bedside table and pulled out one of my favourite books, Of Mice and Men. I read until evening fell. I grabbed my toiletries and went to the communal bathroom for a quick shower. No one else was around, everyone else would arrive tomorrow no doubt. I hoped I could get on with the other girls living on my corridor.

I checked my laptop again before sleeping. My college friends were happily settled into their own university choices. No one else had followed me to Cambridge, I couldn't ignore how lonely the thought made me feel. I drifted to sleep slowly, feeling uncomfortable in a new bed. The sheets felt too harsh against my skin and the detergent smelled different to the one I was used to back home.

The End

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