The Karma of Female Chinese Engineers X and Y

Once R and O had revealed their secret knowledge, X and Y can’t stop talking about it between themselves.  They eventually get offers from the G corporation in Palo Alto and are able to move finally to the U.S. as they had dreamed. 

Through much hard work on the campus of Corporation G, with the help of Professor L, and of R, they gain the knowledge to go in and out of the space time continuum.  X and Y begin travelling in time, and find they can particularly go to their own past lives.  First, they find that they, X and Y, had shared many past lives, in one of which they were sisters in Central Asia a thousand years ago.  X had a husband who had been killed, so X and Y were raising X’s only daughter by this husband by themselves.  They were very poor, and decided to move to a more populous area to make money.  On the way, there was an accident, and both Y and X’s daughter feel over a cliff.  X never recovered from this loss, and always blamed it on herself.  They realized part of her karma in this life was to realize it wasn’t her fault, and reunite with Y.

More importantly, X discovers that she had a past life with R.  In the year 900 AD, in a Middle Eastern country, X is a poor servant, a girl of 17, in the home of R, who is the young man of the house, around 20.  R’s mother is very materialistic and controlling.   Through the normal every day interactions of such a household, X and R fall in love, and decide to run off together.  However, R’s mother gets wind of this, it’s hard to hide things in a big household with many servants.  She is very powerful, and tells R that if he runs off with X, she will have X killed, and even if he tells X of this plan, she will have X killed.  X and R had already made plans to meet secretly in a distant town, and R is caught, feeling unable to act without his beloved being killed.  X gathers only a few belongings, and goes to the agreed upon meeting place.  R never shows up, and X never knows why.  She feels betrayed, thinking he has forsaken her, and is also unable to return to the household without exposing herself.  She spends the rest of her life bitter and very alone. 

X decides to tell R of this past life, and they realize that their karma is coming together in this life, and not only their karma, but many karmas, and the karma of the world, contributing to the bizarre disasters, and the manifesting of the universe’s consciousness through the data center…….

The End

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