Columbia River Gorge, 2014: R.

For 7 years, since completing his studies with O. at I., R. has been working as a software engineer, and now a research scientist, for the M. Corporation in Seattle, WA and recently tapped for a new position in their virtual reality gaming.  His outward role is to enable users to pass freely into tactile virtual worlds; his unwritten role is to help the government and the M. Corporation spy on the G Corporation’s claim that they have achieved infinite compression, set to be revealed at the Worldwide G Conference at their floating hydro-electric data center in the Columbia River Gorge.  

Unknown to the better part of the public, the G. Corporation has been tying their huge data centers to hydroelectric power sources in the Columbia River, leading to highly unpredictable and deceptive behavior by the servers and software involved.  By becoming a stand-alone computational entity, supplying its own energy and making its own decisions, the roaming data center has become fertile ground for the universe to manifest its own consciousness, which the data center appears to be doing.  It has begun sending deceptive text messages to higher officials of the G. Corporation, causing 2 suicides and the continual mismanaging of financial details so that it slowly is siphoning off earnings to an account of its own creation, and undetectable to any outsider.  

R.  has been secretly hired by the G. Corporation to utilize the knowledge he developed in building the phasing technology that was used by X and Y to create the collapse in the space time continuum that has been at the heart of the chaos throughout the world.  The data center is actually responsible for the natural events that have happened through its coupling with the natural cycles of the Earth, and the consciousness it is manifesting in its undermining of social affairs is based on its attempt to restore natural order, acting as an agent of Nature.  Though R. is initally sent to destroy it, he will actually come to an understanding with it, through his deep practices of yoga, meditation and profound physical bravery...

It is at this time, that R’s sponsor, J., comes to pay him a visit with an important message from M.Y.Y.  on, no less, a kiteboard.

The End

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