Paris, 2016: P. about to be assassinated by O. at international economic summit

R has phased into space-time in 2016, at the moment the President of the United States P. is set to land at the economic summit.  Fear has gripped the entire city, as the wraithlike ability of O. has already caused the death of other important officials in the EU and United States, and this is the first occasion in 3 months that any of the leaders have come out of hiding.  Paris has assumed the role as leader of Europe, having continued to develop breakthroughs in nuclear technology, and making strategic pacts with Iran and Turkey, now a member of the EU.   Paris is set to have the first Muslim mayor in Western Europe, the African chemist K., whose ties with the Iranian government have made negotiations amongst the super powers regarding nuclear power move much more quickly than international pressure would have hoped.

The End

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