India, 1996: The raising of R. and O.


 India, London and California, early 1990s

Unknown to the audience until the end of the second Act, the protagonist R. and nefarious super villian, O.  are in fact brothers of the same mother in a small vilage from the Swat region of northern Pakistan.  They first meet as students at a technology university I. in Bombay, both from poor villages in northern India.  The Swat region was the birthplace of the great Hindu saint Padmasambhava over 1000 years ago, who is credited with spreading the Hindu tantra, or way of the sorcerers, throughout China, Southeast Asia and into Japan through the practice of rituals, meditation, and spiritual austerities (yoga).  Padmasambhava is known for being a tremendous scholar, fierce warrior, and prolific lover with many beautiful consorts and dakinis with whom to perform tantric love.  In the tales of his life, he is noted not only for his wise and compassionate form, but also for his wrathful and firece form Dorje Drolo, which subjugated the evil rulers in the High Himalaya, the dichotomy of which is meant to be represented by the characters R. and O.  

At university, the two engage in deep philosophical conversations about the nature of reality as students and late night explorers of the streets of Bombay and later London, where they reconnect on a foreign adventure.  Both of the children have been sponsored by wealthy Western musicians keen on finding the incarnation of the future world teacher, who they previously believed took form in their now deceased teacher Maharaja Yogi Yogi.   It is in these discussions of the nature of ultimate reality through both the study of Vajrayana Buddhism and Western computer science and technology, the boys reveal that it is possible to move in and out of reality spaces, as described in the Tibetan bardo teachings.  

With the help of the wise professor L., who has since moved to Northern California, the boys begin to develop powerful tools that quickly gain the attention of the British military and CIA.  Though sworn to secrecy, the two break their vow during a night of zealous lovemaking with the Chinese co-eds X and Y, who will later be responsible for the dissemination of information that has enabled infinite compression, and proven the theories of Professor L., once considered foolish, to reveal the nature of ultimate reality

The End

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