This is the story of an Indian software engineer, R. working for the M. Corporation in Seattle, WA.  Through a series of encounters in Nature, chance meetings with yogis and enlisting the help of powerful spiritual teachers, R. is led to realize that he is an incarnation of a great Indian saint, and sent upon request by the Hindu Goddess D. to save the righteous at a time of imminent natural catastrophe.   This occurs near the Lunar New Year, or Sivaratri, where such an event is said to have happened many many eons ago in the Hindu scriptures.   Upon receiving his vision on a cold February nite, he goes on a road trip to a cave in the Sierra Nevada, to seek counsel from his wise teacher, the old professor L.  to understand the message he has received from the stars, and how he is to know which direction he must choose.  

In the year 2016, the severity of problems in the world is at its greatest in modern history.  The President of the United States P. is soon to be assassinated by the followers of a sinister Pakistani terrorist O.  as P. is on his way to an economic summit in Paris, the only European capital not mired in financial chaos.   Leaders of the world are meeting to discuss the string of horrible natural disasters that has recently beset the Earth, causing untold destruction and suffering.  San Francisco and Los Angeles are devastated by a 9.8 earthquake that has caused tsunamis to engulf Tokyo, Singapore, Seattle, and many islands in the South Pacific, and a chain of mild eruptions has begun of the mighty volcanos extending upwards to Alaska and downwards through the Andean ridge.  

At present, over 500 million people are believed to have died, and the economies of South and Southest Asia, North America and beyond have ground to a halt for lack of food, water and power.   Riots and mobs have begun to form and militias funded by the banks and stable governments have been hired to maintain economic order with draconian strength.  The Chinese have siezed control of Hong Kong, South Korea and extended into Northern India with the help of a never before seen weapon developed by their chief scientist, the sinister Kung Fu mastermind Z.   Even the banks and corporations are scared, as preachers are extolling that this is the great apocalypse, and the time for C.’s return has come.  

Perhaps of greatest concern, however, to the safety and stability of humanity are the actions of O., a Pakistani insurgent who has developed the ability to become invisible and phase through space-time, and is responsible for the assassination of the US President, just weeks before the upcoming Presidential election.   These abilities have been developed through both his rigorous study of the spiritual arts of the High Himalaya (which R. is also a master of), as well as recent breakthroughs in virtual reality developed by the G Corporation in Palo Alto, CA,  which have yielded control of the singularity.  

Through a breakthrough by a team of two female Chinese engineers, X and Y, the G corporation has developed the ability to store arbitrarily large amounts of information in arbitrary small spaces, exposing the existence of a parallel spatial dimension that can be travelled within.  This realization came from breakthrough research done in unison with the protagonist of our story, R. which has enabled certain nefarious top-secret individuals the ability to phase into and out of space.

The End

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