Chapter 2

It was the night of the full moon.  The singing was there when I arrived on the beach, and I couldn’t help myself.  I turned and saw the rocks to my left and started to make my way over there.  Her voice was weaving in and out of my head, making the walk slower and longer.  The closer I got, the harder it seemed to pick up my feet.  The moonlight was illuminating the beach, and as I approached the rocks, I could see her hair cascading down her back as her torso faced the sea.  She had Light brown hair, the color of driftwood, and it was tangled and matted and wet.  There were bits of seaweed and shell stuck in it, and she was brushing it with a rather odd looking comb.  She sat and sang and sat and sang and did not seem to hear me approach.  I stood still and looked at her back and listened to her soft singing before I made a sound.

                I reached out and touched her shoulder, and it was smooth and sleek, like wet rock.  I started to say something, but in one fluid movement, she turned around and let out the most ear piercing scream I had ever heard, like the squawk of a seagull, and dove into the water.  I was shocked; the whole transaction took less than fifteen seconds. 

                The image of her leaping into the water was still burned into my mind.  Something was not right about it.  Her blazing purple eyes had met mine and displayed rage and anger and… fear.  Her beauty was vivid.  But, the way she had jumped into the water was not quite right.  Then it occurred to me, did she have a tail? That wasn’t possible.  I thought back to the scales I had found, and how she was always perched in this spot, the lack of footprints.  It all seemed to make sense.  But it was too outlandish, I couldn’t believe it. 

                I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.  I spent it on the beach, chasing thoughts of this creature with the heavenly voice around my head. 

The End

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