Sdrawkcab (26-34)

In chapters 26-34, Julia's grandfather goes missing. They look for him in a real-time colony, call hospitals, but never find him, until he was found him dead in a shelter at his house. There also was snow in California due to longer colder nights, and a solar superstorm.


One theme was that even with all of these events happening, there are ways to be happy. For example, instead of being worried about what would happen due to the magnetic superstorm, many people were filming the anomaly moving over the west. Many people were very excited when it snowed in California. Seth told Julia that they had to go sledding, and it also made Julia’s father distracted from how Julia’s grandfather was missing.  In the book it says “But for now, on this day, beauty was momentarily restored to our world.”



In the novel, how do the changing social and economic conditions affect the characters’ decisions?

One thing that happened in the last chapters is that humans officially could not grow wheat without the assistance of artificial light. This made many people have greenhouses built, using a lot of power.  Another effect was that there also white night crimes that followed. The amount of electricity used by the greenhouses also caused a blackout. This caused officials to start energy rationing. No one was supposed to have lights on after 10 PM or AC unless the temperature went above 88 degrees fahrenheit. Another thing that happened was that radiation was streaming in the atmosphere. It was decided that everyone should be careful about being in the sun to long. However, one night Julia and Seth decided to sneak to Sylvia’s house on a white night. They ended up staying in the sun a long time because of how long it had been since they were able to stay in the sun.


In the novel, how does the central conflict affect/change the characters’ psychological well being?

Once they officially couldn’t grow wheat without artificial light, Seth and Julia became even more serious. Seth asked Julia “Would you rather starve? Or die of thirst?” This shows how they started to think about how they would rather die, which they weren’t doing in the beginning. Also, due to how long the nights had become, it snowed in California. It made many kids excited, since they had never seen snow before. This also helped relieve some stress on Julia’s father, since he had been looking for Julia’s grandfather. On the other hand, it made Julia’s mom worried, since she thought snow in California isn’t right. The warnings to stay out of the sunlight made people worry along with the other things. All of these things were caused by long periods of dark or light.


The End

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