Sculpted Heart: Part Eight

Chapter 4- So Much for Blending In


Veronica walked Atlantis to the sculpting class. "You sure you'll be okay?"

Atlantis nodded. "I'll be fine."

Veronica hugged her and walked quickly down the hall to get to her painting class. Atlantis opened the door and walked in the room. Floor to ceiling windows surrounded the room on three sides. There was a small ivory marble box on each pedestal in the room. Most of the class was already there, talking with friends and standing around.


She turned and saw Raul walking toward her.

"I didn't know you were going to be in this class, too."

Atlantis smiled. "Well I am."

Raul laughed. "Come, you can sit by me."

She followed him halfway across the room to his seat. A hand on her shoulder brought back memories of the nightmare and Atlantis whirled around to see Gianna standing behind her with a frown on her full lips.

"I need to talk to you, Atlantis."

Atlantis allowed herself to be led away by her friend.

"How can you sit with him?  Lui è un mostro! He is a monster!" Gianna looked genuinely frightnened.

"What do you mean, Gianna?"

Gianna looked over Atlantis' shoulder to make sure Ciro couldn't hear. "He is a doccione, a gruesome mix between an animal and a human. He doesn't sleep at night because that is the only time he has to be what he really is."

Atlantis crossed her arms. "And what is he?"

Gianna's eyes grew wide with terror. "Un lupo mannaro, a werewolf."

Atlantis fought the urge to turn and look at Raul. "A werewolf? What makes you say that?"

Gianna rolled her eyes. "It is a well known fact, Atlantis! Your new friend is part wolf, and he will eat you!"

Atlantis tried not to laugh. If only Gianna knew that she was more like Raul than she would know.

"Thank you for the warning, Gianna, but I can protect myself from this 'werewolf.'"

Gianna sighed. "You do not believe me! Oh well, your stupidity will have a price, my friend."

Atlantis turned away and walked back to Raul.

"What did Gianna want to talk to you about?"

Atlantis shook her head. "Nothing. But I think you and I need to have a long talk after class."


The End

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