Sculpted Heart: Part Seven

She woke with a scream as his serrated teeth closed around her. Atlantis sat up in bed. She was alone in the room. Veronica ran into the room from the hallway, still wearing her red beret, the magical item that kept her from turning into a mermaid. "What's wrong, Atlantis?"

Slightly shaky, Atlantis got out of bed. "Nightmare."

"Cambio?" Veronica asked.

Not trusting her voice, Atlantis nodded.

Veronica looked at her sympathetically. "Anything I can do?"

Atlantis shook her head as she grabbed a pair of black jeans.

"No color?"

Atlantis shook her head again. "I want to be invisible today."

Veronica nodded understandingly. Atlantis traded her colored sleepwear for black jeans and a matching shirt. She walked across the pale wood floor and to the matching wooden vanity as Veronica donned a red dress and charcoal leggings. Atlantis stared in the mirror at her reflection. Nothing had changed. With a shaky sigh, she grabbed her brush and brushed her copper hair. Her gold and black highlight shined brightly against her hair.

Veronica stepped into red heels and turned to Atlantis. "Come on, we don't want to be late."

Atlantis nodded and followed her friend out of the room and away from her nightmares.

The End

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