Sculpted Heart: Part Six

Chapter 3- Some Things Are Hard to Forget


Atlantis tiptoed back into her room and back to bed. She took off her boots and slipped between the cold white sheets. She pulled the blankets up to her chin and lay thinking. Talking all night with Raul had made her forget everything and feel normal again. Atlantis sighed and closed her eyes. She hoped that that feeling would last. She didn't know how wrong she was.


Atlantis was back in Cambio's lair, the dark cavern filled with an eerie green light. The walls had shreds of red wallpaper that dripped like blood down the walls. Acid ran down the walls and hissed as it fell from the ceiling. Bones littered the floor, along with magical symbols drawn in blood. Black cloaked figures stood on the edges of the unnatural green light. Cambio stood in the center of the cavern. He was a pale djamphir with oily black hair and eyes. He was clothed in black from head to toe, like he was before Atlantis had ripped his throat out.

He turned his basilisk gaze to her. "I told you that you would never be free from me, daughter," he said in his deep, raspy voice. He turned into a giant black dragon and opened his mouth wide, revealing serrated white teeth and a blood-red mouth. He leapt on Atlantis.

The End

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