Past Ache

Ana Rainover Remembering memories of years past.

Allison Tall. I remember her.

The way she would stare at Pistol when she thought no one was staring would make me uneasy. Everyone knew that Pistol and I went way back and that no one could ever take my place in little Pistol's heart. Even to this day, she must remember that Pistol was a little Superman to all of us who were not brave enough to defeat the bullies that controlled us.

But the summer that he told me that he had kissed her had made my heart ache, showing me that perhaps Pistol and I were just a childhood memory. I think back now, to where Pistol could possibly be, and I wonder if he is having the same emotions as I. Though I am now older, I would not consider myself so much wiser. I mean, if I could have a sea shell for every moment that I have regretted how things ended with Pistol and I then I would have an ocean, named after me.

The idea of unknowingly incriminating Pistol and remembering the night that decided both of our fates make goose bumps dominate me. Maybe I'm not cracked up for remembering all of this. My heart burns to think that poor Pistol, who I now miss impossibly, had to watch me with all of my high school boyfriends, knowing that we had an unbreakable bond that included murder.

Pistol, I shall say this with no regret;

I miss you.

Please be safe,

Your dearest Ana

The End

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