Friend Protector

Allison Tall - Teen aged friend and co worker

I had seen Pistol around the neighbourhood, and we went to the same school, but he was a grade ahead of me. We didn't really become good friends until the summer I was fourteen and he was fifteen.

My first job was at a local car wash where Pistol worked, and we had a lot of fun. I did most of the housework at home while my mom worked, so I did all the vacuuming and seat scrubbing. He did the windows and the outside washing. We both worked on the occasional waxing job.

We kind of connected, because we were both small, both wore glasses, and both had been teased relentlessly about our names. My name is Allison Tall, but at that time I was only four feet eleven inches tall.

One time  Walter, this mean older kid in the neighbourhood came by the car wash and started to make fun of my name. He was yelling out, "Oh look! There's Allison the short and the Tall of it. There's Allison, never-gonna-be tall." Walter walked over to me, and started to make smacking kissing sounds at me. " Come here, little bitty Allie not so tall, give me a kissie wissie." And then he grabbed me.

Pistol put the water hose on full blast and turned it on Walter. The pressure was so strong that it knocked Walter on his fat ugly Ass! I just stood at a distance and gaped. Pistol had always been so sweet and shy. I had no idea he could be so brave. He was my hero the rest of that summer. That bully Walter never bothered either one of us again.

At the end of the summer, He gave me a really nice kiss goodbye. It was my first kiss, actually. I still remember it. My parents split up that summer, and I moved away and went to another school. I never saw Pistol after that, but I can't believe that he could be capable of murder. People just don't change that much.

The End

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