As the World Turns

Ana Rainover: worrying constantly

Merc, I always thought you were a looker when I was younger and I always knew that you sort of knew it too. I do have a facebook, but it is constantly locked down because of my fear of being stalked by the enemies of Pistol. They know that though we haven't talked in years that Pistol and I have a especial bond, which was made official the summer of when we were seventeen... but that is another story. The point is, though I see that you may have feelings for me, my heart will always belong to Pistol.

Wherever you are, please read this Pistol. The world has turned against you and you mustn't feel obliged to put everyone's worry to ease, please stay safe. I will await for your return to my life.


Your one and only, Ana

p.s. Old Gabbi didn't deserve it, but I am sure that one guy that you got in grade nine had it coming to him.

The End

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