Run Pistol!

Ana Rainover: after seeing the after effects of her confession.

Crap. I better hope Pistol is far from here. I didn't mean to incriminate him! It was just a childhood memory, I mean we were only eleven! To think that he would have planned such a thing! I say to the detective that at eleven, Pistol was an angel, an ANGEL I tell you!

If he has changed so be it. But back then I knew him well; he may have been a pistol, but he didn't shoot like a pistol.

Pistol, if you're reading this somewhere, run, I tell you, run! You guys will never catch Pistol for that incident... and I may know more of what happened at old Gabbi's place... but no one will ever get it out of me. It is our secret, we blood oathed it!

The End

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