A Ray of Hope

Remington: in prison reading the online confession of Ana Rainover

 Yo Colt,

Did you see it?  Finally, after twenty years of deceit, that little jerk Pistol is gonna get his due.  I can’t believe he let us take the fall for those two accidents back in school.  I’m reading all these blurbs about Pistol being this great guy, innocent past, troubled family etc…  He comes out smelling like a rose.  Well, not no more. I’m gonna try to get a message to the detective about what really happened that day.  Hell, Pistol planned that whole caper and we’re rotting for it.  Yea, it’s a day for vengeance buddy.  See what you can do from your end.  I’m gonna try to get in touch with Ana too.  I think she knows more than she’s putting out there.  This could be our smoking gun and our ticket out of the joint.  Get back to me when you can.


The End

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