Back Then

Ana Rainover: Former childhood best friend

Oh Pistol McDoozie. He surely was what his name suggests, a pistol. I remember the summer of when we were eleven specifically for the large event that forever changed our lives.

My mother had told Pistol and I to not go too far into the woods that had been our backyards and of course we had ignored her warning. Screaming at the top of our lungs we had run over tree stumps and long grasses. We had frightened squirrels up trees and foxes back into their burrows.

I remember the smile on Pistol's face as we ate hand picked berries by the creek in the sunny summer afternoon. We were talking about what to do next when we heard the scream. Now I tell you, Pistol was always a brave little boy, always the type to stand up to a bully. So when I saw him quickly drop the berries in surprise I too got frightened, knowing that he wouldn't be able to protect me.

We ran in the general direction of the scream and found ourselves at old Mrs. Gabbi's cabin that had always been secluded from the rest of the houses. We crept along the side of the cabin and quickly stopped when we saw a hooded man run out of the door. I remember Pistol turning to me and warning me, "Quiet Annie," he always called me that when he knew I was scared. "I'll check on old Gabbi."

I waited patiently as he ran into the cabin to check things out. He returned white faced and quiet. He urged me to leave, but I was a curious kid and would no listen to reason. Looking in through one of the windows I saw the blood and nearly vomitted.

Pistol and I haven't seen each other in years, but this is one secret that he and I have always kept. The brave, trusting Pistol will forever be my childhood best friend, and this deep, disturbing secret will forever haunt our friendship.

The End

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