The Detective

Pistol? Yea I remember that kid.  I was working on a murder case at the time, and we directed our investigation at Pistol. When I showed up at his house he was speaking about going downtown to get his sister Goneril checked out for something, and his mother was complaining about his older brother Mercutio having trouble in his fencing class.  Pistol’s family was poor and had received some help a while back, apparently from a gentleman compensating for some indiscretions toward the young boy.  We sat him down, searching for the silver bullet.

He knew I was there about Remington and Colt, who’d just performed quite the shoot-up down by his school.  I got the backstory.  Pistol said he and his best friends used to sit up in their clubhouse playing poker, half-cocked, a bunch of young guns with aces up their sleeves.  They’d sit on the deck, drawing on each other’s imagination, cutting up about becoming kings and acting like a bunch of jokers.  That’s when Colt fired the first salvo. 

He said Coach Nagurski had said some pretty mean things to him at school, and that they should form a posse to put a scare into him.  Pistol wasn’t exactly sure what triggered the incident, but he stood down as Colt and Remington headed off towards school.  

When Pistol saw his buddies later that day, two students were on their way to the morgue.  Colt and Remington told him what happened and Pistol just sat there stewing, a gun ready to go off.  He locked and loaded the clubhouse with supplies, turning it into a virtual armory, and set off to school.  Two days later, I showed up at his door and he shot forth the ammo that put the boys away.

Colt ended up getting 45, and Remington’s stuck up for life. I think Pistol knew his friends could have hurt someone, and that’s why he stayed away.  He was a good boy, under control.

The End

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