Pistol's First Crush

Ellen Rathy: Seabreeze HS Homecoming Queen

Pistol had a real crush on me, I remember.

I couldn't believe when I heard it on the news, because back in high school he was just the sweetest guy. He didn't swear or spit or get all macho all the time. He used to carry my books, and then he'd just sort of stand in the background when Scooter and I started necking or talking all low and lovey-dovey.

I shouldn't say this, cuz I don't know what the statue of imitations is on exams, but Pistol wrote my History exam back in Senior year. He was so clever about it. He was sitting behind me and wrote the answers real tiny on a teeny-weeny piece of paper that he rolled into the cap of a Bic pen. Then all I had to do was pretend to drop my pen a few times. I guess we were lucky Coach Nagurski was the monitor. I mean, most of his muscles were on his arms, if you know what I mean.

I know Pistol used to watch my house a lot, because there'd always be a big ball of pink Bazooka Joe gum on the second branch of the elm tree.

A lot of the other girls thought it was kind of creepy, and asked why I let him hang around so much. I guess most of them were jealous since nobody had crushes on them, except for Becky Furby and she doesn't count because she just dressed all slutty like that. I told them straight that I liked Pistol. He told me things about the whole universe and stuff, and he even wrote me poems that rhymed and everything.

And he had that really different name, didn't he? I asked him once, and he explained that his mother had been a buttonist, which is somebody that studies flowers. She had named him for a part of the flower, but then she died when he was just a few days old.

He was a really, really nice guy, and I always wondered what happened to him.

The End

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