A Coach Remembers Pistol McDoozie

Coach Sam Nagurski:  High School Football Coach

For three years at every game,  we relied on Pistol to come through for us and every game he did.  Even the year we won the state championship with that dramatic overtime win over Holy Mother of God Military Academy, Pistol was there.

I never forget how he would lead the team in at the beginning of each game, all five foot three of him, filling out that red uniform, his antennae flopping, his finely polished claw raised high in his exuberant spirit of school pride.  In all my years of coaching, I can easily say that Pistol was the best mascot that the Seabreeze fighting Sandcrabs ever had.  He was a natural; it all came instinctively to Pistol; he was born to be a Sandcrab.

I can still see Pistol, scrambling along the sidelines, his four red legs frantically racing stride for stride with our star running back, Scooter Davis, when he made that great ninety-nine yard run against Ironwood High.

We were proud of Pistol for he gave dignity and class to Sandy Sandcrab.  When the Mainland High football team tossed Pistol into the hot tub in an act of total disrespect for the Fighting Sandcrabs, Pistol fought back and gave honor to the Sandcrab family.  Though he did lose his claw and suffered minor burns, he came through the ordeal with his honor intact.  Even when he was doused with melted butter in a flagrant assault on his manhood, Pistol still stood tall, all five-foot two of him.

What a Sandcrab!  Possibly the greatest Sandcarb there ever was, that was the mighty mite, Pistol McDoozie.

The End

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