Scrutiny of Pistol McDoozie

MISS ANDERSON, a substitute fifth grade teacher, Pistol was one of her students.


I'd been called to the school that fall and I'll always remember when I saw Pistol's name on the roll call sheet.  It's a name one doesn't forget.  I thought it was a joke.  Believe me, as a substitute teacher, I'd seen and heard it all.  But he didn't show up that day.  When I skipped his name on the call sheet the little girl after him in the alphabet, Polly or Rebecca or something, I don't quite remember the name, asked why I didn't call out Pistol?  I thought, oh my goodness, this is no joke.

I was expecting some kind of walking talking firecracker.  A real whizbang kid.  The next day when I called out his name a little hand poked into the air and there was a normal looking little boy with eyeglasses too big for his face and slick backed hair.  He never said one word during class.  To think I'd actually trembled when I first saw his name.  I laugh now when I think of it. 

Can you imagine naming a child that?

The regular teacher returned the next day.

Over the years I've often wondered what ever happened to that little Pistol.

The End

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