In a post WWIII world where the majority of the people still alive live in homes carved out of mountains and valleys, there's one group of individuals not afraid to take on the radioactive world outside. They're the Scroungers and for the longest time they've gone under the radar of the Goverment's Military. That all changes when one of their finest is killed on the job. Who killed Isla Montgomery?

Chapter 1 - Isla

Isla Montgomery didn’t see death coming till it was staring her eye to eye. Standing in the middle of a burned out nowhere with a outdated oxygen tank on her back tied on her back by rope across her narrow chest, a inhalation mask strapped around the back of her head with a old piece of rubber cord frayed at the edges and wearing a dark blue jumpsuit made of plastic fabric that matched the surgical gloves covering her hands up to the elbows, she was a sight for sore, covered eyes. It may have been her work’s suit of choice, a nautical sort of look with goggles covering the eyes from harmful halogens and chemicals, but it was a pain to work in. Lugging around the twenty kilo oxygen tank on her five foot one frame was a hassle that Isla learned early on to hide, especially around her boss around auditing time. The thick leather boots didn’t make it any easier to walk with the green tank tied around her chest, being half the weight themselves. It was like walking around with cement weights tied tight around her ankles. This is just ridiculous she thought to herself as she clunked her way from her stationary spot in the middle of a mountain riddled valley caked in layers of burned dirt and shrubbery on the basin where once there had been a lake bed. Now all there was left was a craterlike basin dried up with fried fish bones a plenty. It was her job to collect the bones of the many fried fish specimens, many of which had been extinct for several years since the last Nuclear War, and poor Isla was just about at the end of her rope when it came to her dirty work.

The End

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