Chapter FourMature

October 7th (Monday)

"Hello fellow students! This is Abbey Smith, your student council president!"

Simultaneously, about half the students in my classroom let out an annoyed groan. The others anxiously chatted away about what her announcement will be. All of the groans were for no doubt because of how Abbey is just about the most obnoxious, arrogant, annoying, stubborn and controlling girl you will ever meet. Just hearing her voice will rapidly bring back memories of how she got mad at you because you haven't joined any after school clubs, or the electives you're taking should benefit your education. 

"I have a very important announcement to make!" Abbey said in an overly cheerful voice.

By now, all of the talking has stopped, along with all of the people complaining about how just hearing Abbey's voice has ruined their day.

"This month, our school will host a Fall Festival! It will be amazing!" I looked around the classroom and noticed a majority of the kids face's had lighten up.

"Each homeroom has been assigned a booth to make and a majority of supplies are being bought from the school. So, supplies will be brought to your classroom and if you want to buy extra things yourself, then that's just fine and dandy! To make room for preparation during school hours, everyone will be at their homeroom class until the end of the last lunch hour, then you will continue on with the rest of your classes. However, each class hour will be shorter because of the festival."

The grin on my face had now spread from cheek to cheek. Shortened class hours at out school is   a dream come true. The teacher will find it pointless to teach anything because of the restricted amount of time, so its just a blow off day.

"Now, I know you are all probably wondering about what booths there will be. That information was sent to your teacher via email, and there are also sheets listing the different booths being created by various classrooms throughout our school! They are pinned up on bulletin boards around the hallways. The festival will be great, there will be face painting, three bouncy house's, a dunking tank containing our principal, bake sale, a stage that our choir and band students will perform on, and much more! We all expect a majority of the students to attend so the buses won't be coming, so you should ask a parent or friend to drive you back home!"

Immediately afterwards, the students excitedly talked about the festival.

"I wonder what booth we will get.." David asked curiously.

"We will definitely be assigned the bake sale. This is cooking class, so it only makes sense. Now if we aren't assigned to do that bake sale.... we know for sure that the student council is run by complete idiots." I said with a smile. 

"This is going to be great.." David said with a smile. I nodded in agreement, as did Austin. 

"I'm going to make some brownies to sell in the woods..." Austin said with a child like voice. David and I raised our eyebrows. We both knew he meant the kind with weed as an extra ingredient. Last time he did that at the fall festival, he almost got suspended, so I don't know why he'd try that again.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? You could get in trouble..." I asked, trying to reason with him.

"Well, somebody has to make it!" He responded, throwing his hands in the air. David and I rolled our eyes in response. We're completely clean. Never drank, smoked, or anything. It's nice to still have some innocence, since most people are lacking it now days. My generation sucks. 

 "Hello peers!" Abbey said with joy as she flung open the door to the classroom. Everybody turned to see her holding a chipboard holding unorganized papers. Quickly, she rummaged through them until she plucked out a formal looking paper and scanned the sheet until a smile appeared on her face. "We're doing the bake sale, as you may have already guessed. We will be doing a majority of the food preparation. However, some of the other class hours will be doing food preparation too. In addition to that, we will need five students, three for our three bake sale tables, and two as cashiers. They have already been picked, let me just find the sheet that has their names on it." Abby said as she hastily went through her papers.

I looked over at David and he gave me a look of hope, that we wont be chosen. The school festivals at our school are legendary, everyone attends and has a blast. It's whats talked about for the entire school year. I know, there is one for each season, but I don't want to miss out on dunking the principal in the dunking tank. 

Abbey smiled as she found the sheet. "Celestine and David Ferguson," I give my friend a look of pity. "Austin Smith.." Abbey read this one mockingly. She must have picked the people to be on this list, either that or it's just a coincidence. Austin is one of my closest friends, other than David. Austin and Abbey are often forced to socialize, because their parents are high school friends. They both hate each others guts, and Abbey knows just how important it is for Austin to hang out with his stoner acquaintances during school events.  

"You bitch.." Austin mutters from the back of the classroom. I try to stifle a laugh and Abbey smirks in amusement. 

"Kensley Harrington and Blade Daniels." Abbey finishes with a smug look on her face.

"NO!" Kenlsey and I both shout in sync immediately after Abbey finished her sentence. She looks slightly startled at out outburst, but also has an undertone of amusement and satisfaction. She must have done it on purpose. 

"I'm sorry but I absolutely refuse to work with this imbecile!" Kensley shouted with balled fists.

"This is actually the first time I've actually agreed with you. Sorry Abbey, but I don't want to work with this asshole." I said with a poor attempt at  a calm voice. You could probably see the anger coming out of my ears in smoke. 

"Oh well, we already chose you two and your parents gave permission, so deal with it." Abbey responded with her hands on her hips. Her mood had completely changed now, into her bossy self she uses around defiant students. 

Kensley's eyes now burned holes into my head, and I could feel the entire classrooms eyes on us. 

"But-" Kensley started in a whiny voice. 

"No. I said you're going." She said bossily. "Besides, I'm sure you two will be closer than ever by the end of the Festival! Trust me!" Abbey said cheerfully with a smile that reached her eyes. 

I turned to glare at Kensley, and as expected, he was angrily looking back. His stormy grey eyes fuming with hatred. 

Why would anybody in their right mind, want to lock us two together in a room for a couple hours? Much less force us to cooperate, it just would never work out. Someones going to end up getting hurt. 

I felt David pull my hand, motioning for me to sit back down and stop creating such a scene. "Let Kensley be the drama queen.." David softly whispered with a giggle.

Kensley mouthed 'I hate you' before slowly sitting back down in his chair, being careful not to let his eyes wander out of mine. He scowled and I smirked back at him, only to have his face turn into one of disgust. 

Great. Just great. Kensley and I working a booth together? Well, this is sure going to be interesting.

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