Chapter ThreeMature

**** Blades POV****

October 5th (Saturday)


"Are we there yet?" David and I impatiently asked in unison. We looked at each other and burst out laughing. We're like twins, that's the bonus of knowing someone your entire life. They become just like family. 

"Almost." My mom said excitedly. I glanced out the window, David was right. This neighborhood is really nice. 

We passed several houses and my anticipation grew. Eventually the moving van came to stop and made a wide turn into the driveway.

"This is it." My mother eagerly shouted as she pulled into the driveway and quickly jumped out of the car. David and I got out and walked towards the van to take out some boxes. I looked over at the house and my eyes widened in surprise. I thought it was going to be big, but not this big.

The house is two stories high, and has many rooms, you can tell from the amount of windows. There's a garden of exotic looking flowers on each side of the house, along with bird baths and flowering trees. To finish it off, a gigantic iron gate encloses the property. 

"Blade, your room is up the stairs down the left hallway, it's the last room." My step dad said with a smile as he picked up a box and carried it into the house. 

David and I smiled before dashing to the door like madmen. We followed my step dads directions and made it to the room in record time, despite the ridiculous number of steps on the stairs that threatened to slow us down. I swear by the time we're done moving all of my boxes I will have better looking thighs than all the girls on the cheer team. 

"Cooool!" David said breathlessly as he set down his box and jumped onto my bed. He is right, the room is pretty nice. The bed is king sized with black bed sheets, and the walls are a nice neon blue color. The rest I could honestly care less about, I'm just glad there isn't anything pink. 

I scanned the room in approval before I noticed something amazingly beautiful in the corner.

"A MINI FRIDGE!" I screamed I flung open the fridge door and stared in awe at all the sodas. 

"Haha fat ass." David said playfully as he flicked my head. 

"HEY." I shouted with a pout. He rolled his eyes. 

"At least make sure you stock the fridge with some hot pockets before I come over. We have to put that microwave to use." He said with a smile.

 I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. "Lets go get the rest of my boxes, then we can go look at the rest of my house." Better to get it over with sooner than later.

****Unknown POV****

"The neighbors moving van has just arrived." My maid politely said before quietly walking out of my room. I had told her to let me know when the van pulled into their driveway, because I heard from my father that Charles Anderson had just gotten married. He lives across the street from us, and my parents are close friends with him. However, I had never gotten to see his wife and step child yet. All I have been told is it's a boy in my grade. 

Hastily, I ran over to my dresser drawer in search of my binoculars. They weren't exactly necessary, but I need to know the material and brand of the clothing he was wearing. Dear god it would be absolutely horrendous if he wore more expensive clothing than me.

I pulled open my blinds and pressed the binoculars to the window. 

"Well, there's his wife.." I mumbled as I observed her. She definitely looks good for her age, not as ugly as I expected. 

I scanned across their yard pausing to look at the boxes. They sure didn't bring a lot of their belongings. 

Abruptly, the front door opened and two teenage boys walked out of the house. I recognised one of them immediately, David Ferguson who lives a couple blocks away. He has absolutely no sense of style, despite how wealthy his parents are I have never seen him in anything remotely expensive. 

I studied the other boys clothing. He dressed the same way, so I have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

The boy turned around holding a large box, and I could now clearly see his face. My face heated up with anger as I threw my binoculars to the corner of my room.

"CELESTINE!" I shouted my sisters name. She rushed into my room panicked. Celestine is my twin sister and only friend. She looks almost exactly like me, white blond hair, pale skin, except her eyes are blue and mine are grey. 

"Y-yes brother?" She stuttered.

"That PEASANT lives next door to us!" I shouted with rage as I threw up my hands.

"I don't know-"

"UGH! I can't stand it! We have to do something about it! We're going to talk to them Celestine!" I said  furiously as I began to drag my sister to the neighbors house.

****Blade's POV****

I struggled to pick up a heavy clothing box. By heavy, I mean HEAVY. I don't remember having to carry anything that weighs this much. David must have brought this one to the van. Jeez, I wonder what's inside here. 

"Maybe if you had P.E. this semester you'd have been able to pick that up." David jokingly said with a smile.  

I snickered and looked back at the moving van. All of the boxes were emptied and a majority or our belonging put away. David and I just came outside to get the last two boxes that belong to my bedroom.

"Well would you look at that.." David said with raised eyebrows as he looked into the distance. I followed his gaze and met eyes with a familiar duo. 

"Kensley." I said bitterly. I can't believe he lives in this neighborhood, I don't ever remember seeing him when I came to hang out with David. 

"Blade." The boy responded with narrowed grey eyes. I hate him so much. He's always competing with me, criticizing me, and never fails to ruin my day. Kensley hates me, it's been this way since kindergarten. 

"Oops!" I heard a feminine voice shout out from underneath a pile of empty boxes. Celestine is so clumsy, she breaks everything. 

Kensley roughly pulled her back up. Slowly, he walked up to me and came to a halt when we we're   standing a foot apart. His stormy grey eyes looked into mine with rage. 

"You better watch your back Blade. Your stay here will not be pleasant. I can assure you that." He said with a smirk. 

"Well someone's a little upset about what happened in Kindergarten." I said with a smile, knowing this would really tick him off and I would pay for it later, but at least he'd leave me alone for now. 

"I will make your life a living hell." Kensley harshly whispered with a red face before storming off, dragging his sister behind him to the house across the street.



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The End

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