Chapter TwoMature

**** Blades POV****

October 5th (Saturday)

        "Blade! Your friend is here!" My mom shouted as I heard the front door open. I peered outside my bedroom door and saw a familiar mop of strawberry blond hair. 

        "Hey Blade." My friend David said as he gave me a warm smile and embraced me in a hug. David and I had been friends forever. We go way back.

        "So you guys are moving?" He said with a pout.

        "Yeah." I responded.

        "Where to? It better not be far away. I'd miss you bro." He replied quickly as his chocolate brown eyes narrowed.

        I smiled, remembering what my mom told me yesterday.

        "Well, we aren't moving out of the school district thank god. It's going to be just about three blocks away from where you live!" I said with excitement. Now we'd be able to just walk to each others houses. Not to mention the homes there are pretty big, and it's only a quarter mile walk to the beach.   

        "Sweeet! Well, we better start packing. I can't wait to see what your house looks like!" David said happily. 

        We made our way past box after box until we got to my room. My bedroom isn't painted, because I hadn't really found a point in it. I just cover my walls top to bottom with posters. Which in this case isn't a good thing. Taking down all the pictures and posters will take forever. Thankfully, it won't take long to box the rest of my belongings. I got a head start yesterday.

        "So are you excited about moving?" David asked as he folded some of my clothes and neatly put them away in a box. 

        "Yeah I guess. I mean, I didn't expect to be moving in this soon, but hey! We get to live pretty close to each other!" I said with a genuine smile. 

        "My neighborhoods pretty awesome. You haven't been even close to seeing everything that's there. We've got a park, golf course, and a pool! Though I'm sure your house will have one. If not, you can always come to ours!" David said cheerfully. 

        "The neighborhood has a pool? I'm all up for it as long as it doesn't look nasty and there's no creepy people that go there." I said cautiously. My apartment has a pool, and a ton of weird people go there. Not to mention it definitely isn't the cleanest. Sometimes it smells like pee, and there's almost always a strange substance at the bottom of it.

        He laughed. "Don't worry, the pool is really nice. It has colored lights that go on at night, a hot tub, really cool stuff. And no, there aren't any creepy people there. Most of the adults in our neighborhood are working all the time. So pretty much everyone that goes there is a teen. Plus, a lot of hot guys will be there for you to feast your eyes on!" David said as he wiggled his eyebrows. 

        "Shut up!" I said with a laugh as I hit his shoulder. 

        Yes. He knows I'm bisexual, and he's surprisingly okay with it. I came out to him in the eighth grade and he wasn't disgusted with me like most people would have been. My sister, my mom, and my friend Austin are the only others that know. 

        "Boys!" My mom said as she opened the door. "Charles is here to help us! The truck is here too" She said with the excitement of a teenage girl.

        David and I had just finished packing. My boxes were all labeled and stacked on one side of my wall, and my posted were taken down and held together with rubber bands.

        "Come on lets go put some boxes in the truck." David said as he motioned for me to come outside of the room. I picked up a box of my clothes and followed him out of the room.

        "I love you more!" I heard my mom said playfully from inside her bedroom. I looked inside and saw them both sitting on the ground next to each other.

        "No I love YOU more!" Charles responded with a pout as he tucked my moms light brown hair behind her ears. I look almost exactly like her. Same blue eyes, same hair, same fair skin, the only difference is I have most of my fathers facial features. 

        Mom gave him a kiss on the cheek. "No, no, no. I love you more." 

        My nose wrinkled up. Lets just hope that's the only thing I'll be hearing from their room. If I hear anything sexual, I could probably just die from their middle aged happy couple-ness. 

        "Hello kids!" Charles said enthusiastically with slightly ruffled hair. He must have been making out with my mom. 

        I gave my step dad a friendly smile and continued into the living room. Which is now practically empty. All the boxes are gone, and all that's left is a couple of chairs. I sent a questioning look over to Charles.

        "Oh, I hired some guys to put everything in the van! You don't have to carry that outside." He said with a smile. 

        "We're bringing the chairs right?" I asked as I stared at the furniture left in the room. 

        "Well, I already have furniture for my house. A majority of the furniture here is going into storage. Including yours. I got your room painted and bought furniture for it." He said with a big smile. 

        "Really? What color?" I asked, not so sure about someone else replacing all my furniture. For all I know I could have fairy princess stickers all over my walls!

        "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll like it! It's painted grey and blue, and most of your furniture is black." My step dad responded. Geez, he sure is trying to win me over. How did he know those were my favorite colors? My mom must have told him. I wonder what else she has told him about me. 

        "Cool." I responded with a smile. I'll give him credit for that, he is trying pretty hard. "David, lets go get some of the boxes in my room and bring them next to the door." I said as I grabbed Davids hand and led him back into my bedroom.

        "Okay boys, just leave the furniture inside so it can be taken to the storage!" Charles shouted as I closed the door. 

        "I bet your house is going to be awesome. Your step dad looks like a pretty wealthy guy." David said with a smile as he picked up a heavy box and carried it  toward the door.

        "Yeah I bet it is." I responded with a smile. 

        I heard the front door open and several foot steps making their way down the hall. Ten men came into my room and picked up the remaining boxes, including the ones David and I were holding. 

        "Looks like this is it." One of the men said in relief as they walked out of the room. David and I looked at each other before running into the kitchen.

        "Is everything in the van?" I asked, unable to contain my excitement. I can't wait to get to the house. 

        "Yes Hun. Charles is driving the van, you two can ride with me if you'd like to!" My mom said with a smile ear to ear as she played with her car keys in her pocket. 

         "Sweet! I'll race you there!" David shouted as we both bolted out the door to the car.



        And I'm sorry if you think this chapter is boring :c It just had to happen! The stuff stuff and more characters will be introduced soon. ;)


The End

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