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Fall festivals, bad grades, relationships, enemies, and drama. Blade Daniels goes through what most teens do in High School. His life used to be pretty normal. That is, before everything changed. (Btw, I suck at descriptions. You will have my love forever if you make a better one)

****Blade's POV****

October 4th (Friday) 

        "I know you want my body..." Trixie whispered in my ear as she obnoxiously chewed on her gum. Her lips brushed against my earlobe as she slowly breathed in and out.

        I cringed. Who knows how many guys have put their ding-a-ling in her mouth... and now it's touching my ear? Girl, get your bubble gum chewing, STD infected ass AWAY FROM ME! For all I know I could have caught something by now.

        "Trixie I don't like you." I replied.

       "Stop denying your feelings for me Blade baby.... I know you want me as much as I want you.." She said as she scotched closer to me and twirled her bleached blond hair in her fingers. 

        If she gets any closer to me I swear I will- 

      "Blade Daniels, you're going home, someone is here to pick you up. She's in the office right now." The teacher said monotonously. 

        A grin spread across my face. Although I was confused about why my mom would pick me up in the middle of the day, it sure beats having to sit next to Trixie all class hour long. I can't stand being around the girl for more than a couple minutes. 

        "I LOVE YOU BLADE!" The blond yelled at me before I ran out of the classroom to my locker, pencils and books in my hands. 

      Trixie scares me so much. She always throws herself at me, and just can't seem to get the point. I won't ever like her. Although I am bisexual, I'd never go for something as fake as her. 

       I slammed my locker shut and ran toward the office with my backpack. 

       My mind raced with ideas of why she came to pick me up. Maybe she needs help with her store. Maybe she just got lonely because today is slow. Maybe mom scheduled some appointment for me I don't know about. OH MY GOD MAYBE I HAVE TO GET A SHOT! I shuddered as I quickly tried to get my mind off that subject. I hate shots...

        When I got inside, my mother was nowhere to be seen. My teacher said she was in the office, where is she?

        "Are you Blade? Mrs. Daniels wants me to pick you up." Said an older looking lady that smelled of cat littler.  

        "Uh yeah.." I said not knowing what information to reveal to the stranger. 

        She motioned me to come outside with her. Panicked, I looked over at the office lady who just smiled and nodded. My mom must have called the office and told them it was okay for me to leave the building with this crazy lady. I haven't seen her before, and I highly doubt she knows my mother. 

        Speaking of my mom, she taught me a couple things about strangers when I was younger. One, you aren't supposed to talk to them. I guess I already broke that rule. Two, their candy does not taste better. I haven't and never will break that one. Who knows what those crazy people put in them. And three, DO NOT, under ANY circumstances accept car rides from them. 

        The lady and I walked outside. Parked out front was a beat up looking golf cart. Well, golf carts aren't considered legal vehicles are they? I guess that last rule isn't being broken today. 

        "Come on Blade. Hop on back! Captain Snuggles gets to sit up front in his booster seat." In front their was an overweight looking cat taking up one out of the only two seats with a seat belt. I sat in the back seat and grabbed onto the side railing. 

        "Okay here we go." The older lady said, as the golf cart rocketed forward. My blue eyes bulged out of my head. I clutched onto the railing until my knuckles turned white. My body seemed to be defying gravity, my legs wouldn't stay down. The cart was going ridiculously fast. 

        "How fast are we going?"

        "Oh just thirty-two miles per hour." 

        Golf carts are not supposed to go this fast. They are only supposed to go around twenty miles per hour! We're speeding right now two! At least there aren't a lot of cops around here. 

        "Hold on, we're running this one!" The old lady said in an ecstatic voice. I turned around to see what she meant. The intersection light had just changed into red and a few cars were making their turns.  This lady is crazy. 

        We sped past the red lights and nearly hit another car. The driver was thankfully able to stop before he hit us and was left staring in disbelief as we went past him. I can't blame him though. We are in a golf cart. 

        "Almost there!" The old lady said as we rounded a corner and neared a familiar strip mall. My mom works at Fresh Produce. No, it's not a food store. It's a clothing store that sells beach clothing. Considering we live so close to the beach, we get a lot of business. Living close to the beach also means living here is expensive. My moms job isn't the best paying, and my dad died when I was younger so there isn't anyone else to help support. Although living here is costly, my mom is happy with her job and I like our apartment. 

        The golf cart came to a stop and almost immediately my mom came out and embraced me in a bone crushing hug. 

        "Blade!" She said with a bigger smile than usual. Something is up. "How was the ride? Did you have fun?"

        "Uh yeah I guess.. who is that lady? Do you even know her mom? Stranger danger!" 

     "Oh, don't worry. She is a good, trust worthy customer." My mom replied cheerfully as she opened the door for me to come into the store. The old lady waved and drove away on her golf cart.

        I narrowed my eyes. "Well, why did you get me out of school early?"

        Her smile got bigger as she sat on the counter. "Well......." 

        "Come on girl, SPILL." I said with a grin as I sat next to my mom. 

        "You know how Charles and I are engaged?" I nodded my head. "Well.... We are moving in with him today!" My mom said with a grin as she threw up her hands.

        My eyes bulged. I have hardly even gotten to know Charles, or even gotten to see his house! I wonder what it looks like, how big it is. 

     "Don't worry Blade. You will love the house. Now come on, lets get home so we can start packing." My excited mother said as she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the car.


         Hello my darlings! I hopes you like it c: and yes.

        A majority of these stories and things that are included in the chapters, (yes, the golf cart thing is based off an experience I had being picked up from summer camp) are from real life. Most of these characters, things they do and say, things that happen, are based off real people.

        So if you steal any stuff from this I will be sad. Because then you're like, stealing my life D': Kind of. 

        Also, this is pretty short compared to the chapter length I want. I'm aiming for about 1,500-1,800 per chapter. So don't you worry c: 


The End

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